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Bret Michaels Net Worth

Bret Michaels Net Worth: Bret Michael Sychak better known as Bret Michaels is an American rockstar, singer, actor, musician, activist, and reality TV Icon who has a net worth of $14 Million as of 2024. Bret is best known for being the Lead Singer, Vocalist, and Frontman of Poison’s Band and for his charity work.

Bret’s band sold over 50 albums worldwide and made the record of 15 labels only in the United States. He has spent much of his time giving to charities and doing philanthropic work for those in need.

Net Worth 2024

Name Bret Michaels
Age 59 Years
Net Worth $14 Million
Annual Income $3.85 Million
Monthly Income $320,000
Gender Male
Profession Singer, Musician, TV Personality, Philanthropist, Actor
Zodiac Sign Pisces

Age, Height & Weight

Bret michaels

Bret Michaels age is 60 years as he was born on March 15, 1963, his height is 5 feet and 10 inches, 1.78 m, 178 cm while his weight is 68 kg (150 lbs).

Bret belongs to mixed ethnicity, his ethnicity is Carpatho Rusyn, Irish, Swiss, and English and his zodiac sign is Pisces.


In 1983, Bret formed a band of four members. Bret started playing guitar in his Band while his friend Rikki Rockett and Bobby Dall used to play drums & bass respectively, and David Besselman started his career as a guitarist.

But some conflicts arose and David left the Band. Later on, Bret and his members named their band Poison. In the early phases, the band used to perform in local bars in Pennsylvania but later on, they moved to Los Angeles to explore new ways of success for their Band.

In 1986, Poison launched his debut album “Look What The Cat Dragged In,”.The album didn’t get a lot of success. In 1987, Bret forced their band members to record a video for their song “Talk Dirty To Me .” This video song in the album was a big hit, and eventually, they became famous worldwide.

In 1988, He wrote a song, “Every Rose has its Thorn” the song was inspired by his breakup with his first teenage love. The song got a lot of positive response from his fans. In 1988, his song used to play on every music channel and even on the radio as the best heartbreak Anthem of the 80s.

In 1990, Poison became one of the best metal bands in the music industry. They released their second album, ” Open Up and Say.. Ahh,” which was a huge success, and in 1992, the Band launched their third album, Flesh & Blood. The Band started performing live in gigs and concerts. They were becoming famous in youth.

In 1994, Bret got a near-death experience in an accident. He crashed his brand new Ferrari in a telephone booth, Bret suffered from serious injuries, his bones and ribs got broken, and he also lost his teeth in the accident. He was given first aid on the spot, and fortunately, he survived.

In 1999, Poison reunited with his first guitarist, and the Band got so famous on their first reunion tour, but in 2000, Bret left Poison due to some unknown reasons. And in early 2000, Bret wrote and recorded his first track, “A Letter From Death Row .”It was a huge success. He continued making amazing music.

In June 2008, Bret launched one of his best albums, “Rock My World .”The album was a huge hit. The album’s top chart was 40 on Billboard 200, and it also got No.4 on Top Independent Albums.

In 2010, he collaborated with famous musician Miley Cyrus. They released their song ” Nothing To Lose .”It was a huge hit, and it played on the radio as the most played track of the month.

In July 2010, Bret released his album “Custom Built,” and this album reached No.1 on the album chart. It was Bret’s highest-rated solo album.


In May 2017, Bret released his single “Jorja Bleu” in honor of his daughter’s birthday. It was also a huge success for his music career. After that, Bret became the Rock Legend.

In May 2020, Bret launched a movie based on his life story, Auto-Scrap-Ography: My life’s Scrapbook in pictures and stories. It was based on his 40+ years of career. It was also a huge success.

After taking a break from music, Bret also worked as an Activist. Bret, a lifelong Diabetic patient, decided to help children suffering from different illnesses. He also worked with the Make A Wish foundation for charitable work. Later on, he formed his foundation, “The life Rocks Foundation.”


Name Bret Michaels
Real Name Bret Michael Sychak
Age 59 Years
Birthday March 15, 1963
Birthplace Butler, Pennsylvania, United States
Hometown Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Height 5 ft 10 In, 1.78 m, 178 cm
Weight 68 Kg (150 lbs)
Eye Color Light Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Ethnicity Carpatho-Rusyn, Irish, English, Swiss
Education Mechanicsburg Area High School
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Father Wally Sychak
Mother Marjorie Sychak
Wife Kristi Lynn Gibson
Kids 2
Daughters Raine Michaels, Jorja Bleu Michaels
Net Worth $14 Million
Instagram Bret Michaels Official
Twitter BretMichaelsOfficial

Early Life

Bret Michaels was born on March 15, 1963, in the north of Pittsburg, Butler City, Pennsylvania, United States. When he was 13 months old, his parents moved to Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania. His dad Wally Sychak worked in a real estate agency, and his mom Marjorie Sychak worked as a chef in a local café. At the age of five, Bret felt sick and got admitted to Hospital. Doctors told his parents that he had diabetes type 1.

Bret Michales enrolled in Mechanicsburg Area High School. Bret always wanted to be a musician. He completed his primary education there. He also participated in many music contests in his high school. In high school, he joined a music band and started his official career as a musician.


Bret Michael is the first child of his parents. His dad Wally Sychak worked in a real estate agency, he died due to cardiac arrest on August 4th, 2019, and his mother, Marjorie Sychak, worked as a chef in a café. Bret has two younger sisters, Nichole Sychak and Michelle Sychak.

Dating History and Kids

bret michaels and kristi

Bret Michaels has huge dating history. In 1984, Bret met a 16 years old girl, Tracy Lewis. He fell in love with her; they started dating, but in 1988, they separated, and Bret wrote a song about his first heartbreak, “Every Rose has its Own Thorn” it was a huge hit.

Then in 1994, he started dating Pamela Anderson, Pamela is a renowned Canadian actress. They broke up after one year of dating and the reason is still unknown.

In 2007, Bret started dating Ambre Lake; she is a well-known model. They also broke up after dating each other for one year.

Bret Michaels also had a very long-term relationship with Kristi Lynn Gibson. In 2010, Bret proposed to Kristi Lynn Gibson. She is an American model and actress, but as per reports, they both called off their engagement, and Bret Michaels is currently single.

Bret Michaels is the father of two beautiful daughters, Raine Michaels and Jorja Bleu Michaels. Raine Michaels is 22 years old, and she is a renowned actress and model, and Jorja bleu Michael, who is seventeen years old, is also an actress and model. At the age of fourteen, Jorja co-wrote the lyrics of his dad’s song “Unbroken” with him. This song was based on physical and mental strength.

Genre and Record Labels

Bret’s genres are Country Music and Rock, and His record labels are EMI, Columbia Records, Capitol Music Group, Parlophone, RCA Records, and Universal Music Group.

House & Cars

Bret michaels house

Bret Michaels has a dream mansion in Arizona, Scottsdale. The Mansion is so luxurious, and it is one dreamy place. The Mansion has six luxurious resort-style bedrooms, eight bathrooms, two kitchens, a huge lounge, a Music studio, a beautiful swimming pool, and a huge garden.

Bret Michaels is also fond of luxury and sports cars. Like a Romeo Santos, he has a Bentley Continental GT, Dodge Challenger Customized, and Ferrari F8 in his costly car collection.

Bret Michaels Net Worth

Bret Michaels net worth is $14 Million as of 2024. Bret earns money from his music career. He is also an activist and donates a huge amount of money to his foundation every year. He has done many campaigns for child illness and diabetic patients. Bret Michaels Makes $3.85 Million per year.

FAQs About Bret Michaels

How Much is Bret Michaels worth?

Bret Michaels net worth is $14 Million as of 2024.

How much does Bret Michaels make annually?

Bret Michaels makes $3.85 Million a year.

How old is Bret Michaels?

Bret Michaels is 59 years old as he was born on March 15, 1963.

How tall is Bret Michaels?

Bret Michaels height is 5 ft 10 In, 1.78 m, 178 cm.

Is Bret Michaels married?

Bret Michaels is not married. He was engaged to Kristi Lynn Gibson, but they have called off their engagement as per reports. They have two daughters; Raine Michaels and Jorja Bleu Michaels.

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