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FunnyMike Net Worth

As of 2024, Funny Mike net worth is $3.5 million. A 26-year-old young comedy star, a rapper, an entrepreneur, and a well-known Youtuber is no one else but Funny Mike.

Funny Mike’s real name is MacArthur Johnson, born on October 8, 1996. He is a famous social media personality with a huge fandom. His content on his Youtube channel is one of his significant recognition. Funny Mike rules the world with the comedy content he makes.

Funny Mike is hosting his fandom very well. He catches the audience’s attention by providing new content every time. The base of his content is a comedy, where he also does pranks and challenges.

There are also other names of Funny Mike that he loves to introduce as “Young 22” and “Savage 22”. Funny Mike’s height is 1.82 m (5 ft 11 in), and weight is 154 lbs (74 kg).


Professional name Funny Mike, Young 22
Real name MacArthur Johnson
Birthday October 8, 1996
Zodiac sign  Libra
Birthplace Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States
Hometown Baton Rouge
Age 26
Height 1.82 m (5 ft 11 in)
Weight 154 lbs (74 kg)
Eye color Dark Brown
Hair color Black
Marital Status Married
Wife/ girlfriend Jaliyah Monet
Kids 2
Son MacAuthor Johnson Jr.
Daughter Londyn
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Profession YouTuber, Rapper
Education Graduated
Net Worth $3.5 million
Instagram FunnyMike

Early Life


Funny Mike was raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States of America; it has been his hometown since then. He lives with his parents and is very close to his dad. Arthur Bradford is Funny Mike’s father’s name, and his mother’s name is Denis Jones. Funny Mike’s mom and dad are supportive, and they support him in his education and his passion for becoming a Content Creator.

There is not much information about his siblings, but Funny Mike’s brother’s kids are very famous on his YouTube channel. He also uploads videos with his sister. He is an uncle of four siblings. Most of his videos are with those kids, which shows that he is very close to his family.

Funny Mike attended  Tara High School in his hometown.

Funny Mike used to post his funny content on the app “Vine”. He started his content creation and comedian career through this app. When he realized he was being noticed and getting fame, he took his passion seriously and started working professionally. Then he started using other platforms, which proved a blessing for him.

He can do rapping too, so he also put his efforts into rapping; as he once mentioned, 21 savages inspired him. He also named him after 21 Savages, “Young 22”, and “Savage 22”.



Funny Mike career and professional life are at their peak, he started from nothing, and now he got so much recognition. His primary profession is YouTube. He is mainly known for his Youtube career and considers it as his primary focus; he almost uploads videos daily on his channel.

Youtube is the source where he posts his comedy and rap music videos. His paramount recognition is through YouTube. He uploaded his first comedy video in August 2017. The video got almost 1.5 million views in just a few weeks. 

The video’s title was “I’m Smashing Your Girl Prank on Runk.” His youtube journey is not revolving around only one channel. He also created another YouTube channel with his girlfriend, “funnymike&Jaliyah,” where he uploads videos with his girlfriend (his wife now) with two kids.

He involves his family too much on social media platforms because  his channels are based on family comedy. 

At the start of his Youtube and Vine journey, his fandom was not that much, but they were loyal to him, which made him upload more and more content, and at last, his efforts were not going in vain.

Along with his content creation, he also was passionate about rapping, and he uploaded his first rap music in 2016, “No Heart.” After releasing No heart, he started working on another track, “Jumpin,” with no music video. When this track became an inspiration for the public, he made a music video of this track.

This is about his career, which shows that he started everything on his own and can claim he is an entrepreneur because he earns a handsome amount.

He also hosts a show, “Wild’n Out.“ 

Funny Mike’s Girlfriend

Funny Mike's Girlfriend

Funny Mike’s girlfriend is now his wife. Mike is in a romantic relationship with Jaliyah Monet, a social media personality. They both work together and also have a channel. The couple is the parent of two kids; a daughter, Londyn, born in February 2019, and a son, MacAuthor Johnson Jr., born in July 2020.


His lifestyle is simple but with an expensive collection of cars and a dream house. He owns a luxury mansion. The worth of Funny Mike’s house is About $2 million. His collection of cars is very costly. He has a car in his garage worth $125,600 Mercedes Benz. Another car he owns has worth $380,200.


Funny Mike, also known as MacArthur Johnson, has soared from his origins as a content creator on Vine to become a versatile internet personality. His journey as a comedian, rapper, and entrepreneur has propelled him to a net worth of $3.5 million in 2024.

With a comedic and family-focused base, his stardom across diverse social media platforms mirrors the ascent of other influential figures like Dwayne J, showcasing the expansive reach of his content and appeal.


How old is Funny Mike?

Funny Mike was born on October 8, 1996, making him 26 years old as of 2024.

What is Funny Mike’s net worth?

As of 2024, Funny Mike’s net worth stands at $3.5 million, attributed to his successful career as a YouTuber, rapper, and entrepreneur.

Who is Funny Mike’s wife, and how many children do they have?

Funny Mike is married to Jaliyah Monet, a fellow social media personality. The couple has two children, a daughter named Londyn, born in February 2019, and a son named MacAuthor Johnson Jr., born in July 2020.

What is the origin of Funny Mike’s stage names, “Young 22” and “Savage 22”?

Inspired by rapper 21 Savage, Funny Mike adopted the names “Young 22” and “Savage 22” as alter egos in his rap career, reflecting his admiration for 21 Savage’s artistry.

What platforms did Funny Mike start his content creation journey on?

Funny Mike initially gained recognition through the now-defunct app Vine. He transitioned his comedic endeavors to YouTube, where he uploads daily content, primarily focused on family-oriented comedy and rap music.

What are the primary sources of Funny Mike’s income?

Funny Mike’s primary sources of income stem from his successful career as a YouTuber, creating comedy and rap music videos. Additionally, he is involved in entrepreneurship and hosting shows such as “Wild’n Out,” contributing to his substantial net worth.

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