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Jack Conte net worth

As of 2024, Jack Conte net worth is about $7 million. Jack Conte is a multi-talented, 38 years old, young American songwriter, singer, instrumentalist, and Entrepreneur. He introduces himself as a CEO and Co-founder of Patreon, Half of Pomplamoose, Half of the Scary Pockets, Youtuber, Musician, and Producer.

Jack Conte’s wife, Nataly Dawn, is his partner and part of the band Pomplamoose. They both work together in songwriting, filmmaking, and as instrumentalists.


Name Jack Conte
Age 38 Years
Birthday July 12, 1984
Hometown San Francisco, California, USA
Gender Male
Height 1.86 m (6 feet 1inch)
Weight 75 Kg
Nationality American
Education The Branson School/ Stanford University
Occupation/ Profession Entrepreneur, Songwriter, Filmmaker
Marital status Married
Wife Nataly Dawn
Net worth $7 million
Twitter Jack Conte

Early Life

The birthplace of this young multi-talented entrepreneur is San Francisco, California, United States. He was raised and spent his childhood in Marin County.

His love for music started at the very young age of 6. He learned to play musical instruments in his childhood. At the age of only six years, Jack learned to play the piano at his school. He did his schooling at Branson School in his hometown and completed his degree in music and instruments from Stanford University, California.

Personal Life

Jack Conte Personal Life
Source: wired.com

Jack Conte’s wife, Nataly Dawn, was his girlfriend from Stanford University. They both studied at this university and fell in love with each other while making music and learning new instruments. They were working on the same project when they caught feelings for each other in March 2016. Later they got married in May 2016 and lived happily. They are still together and making music together.


Jack Conte Career
Source: techcrunch.com

Jack Conte’s love for music and musical instruments led him to create a way to promote his passion, so he chose youtube as a platform to show his skills. He made his youtube channel named after him, Jack Conte, in 2007. He started uploading his music videos on this channel.

At first, he was so unknown that his videos didn’t show on the feed page of youtube, but when he uploaded his first music, “Yeah Yeah Yeah”, the song gained so much attention that it also featured on Youtube’s main page. That was the start of his fame.

Jack is also skilled in filmmaking, as before entering his music career, he worked as a filmmaker and did photography designs, maintaining sound systems and also showed his skills in editing in many short films like “The Last Good Man”, “Golden man”, “Dark Matter”, “Magellan”.He worked as a filmmaker from 2004 to 2009.

He also did the voice-over for many video games. Jack has the talent to play many instruments and is skilled in them, like piano, guitar, violin, electronic keyboard, drums, etc.

The other two projects that got famous after “Yeah Yeah Yeah” are “Daft Punk Skrillex Remix” and “Avicii Wake Me Up Remix”.These songs also became famous because of the background music.

Jack Formed Two Bands;

  1. Pomplamoose: This music band was formed by Jack with his wife. Pomplamoose was formed in 2008. This is an online music platform where music is sold online. Under this band, Jack and Nataly’s duo sold almost 1 million copies of the songs.
  2. Jack released a show in 2011 where he talked about the band and other music-related things.
  3. Scary pockets: He is also the part and founder of the band scary pockets.


Source: pcmag.com

Patreon is the start of Jack’s entrepreneurship. Along with his friend, he laid the foundation of this platform in 2013. This is the platform where artists can be helped by crowdfunding through the online system. This online system enables fans to support their favourite artists, visual artists, musicians, instrumentalists, writers, filmmakers, creators etc.

There are many famous people on this platform. They also provided supporting hands for different web series in March 2015 through Subbable, formed on Patreon by Jack. This funding system supports web series.

A report of 2019 showed that over 3,000,000 patrons or fans support over 1 lac artists and creators. Almost $90 million of financing had been made in Patreon, according to a report in 2020.

Conte’s contribution to society made him worthy of the “Young Global Leader” award. World Economic Forum gave this award to him. He is handling a youth future at a young age. Jack also runs a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers and millions of views his videos. There are also videos of Jack Conte’s podcasts on his youtube channel.

Jack Conte Net Worth

The estimated Jack Conte net worth is $7 million in 2024. Youtuber and entrepreneur earns his salary from his youtube channel, his bands, the music he sells, the online sale of his music, and his online business platform Patreon. These are all the sources of his income. You may also like Iman Gadzhi net worth.

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