Norway’s Most Mesmerizing Mountain Glamping Hideaways

Norway is rapidly becoming famous for its glamping holiday experiences. Dotted across its breathtaking mountain ranges is a treasure trove of one-of-a-kind glamping hideaways which promise unforgettable alpine experiences and the comfort and style of state-of-the-art visitor accommodation.

Glamping, the increasingly popular trend of luxury camping, gives nature lovers and adventurous spirits the chance to enjoy hotel-style amenities and magnificent scenery far from the crowded towns and cities. From snow-capped peaks to icy blue glacier lakes, Norway’s mountains offer an unequalled range of possibilities, and its accommodations ensure that you will enjoy these in the best possible environment for you.

Why Choose Mountain Glamping in Norway?


A glamping mountain retreat gives you the best of both worlds. You gain deeper access to the remote highland regions than would otherwise be possible, as they are best reached on foot, whilst still enjoying plush architecture, decor and facilities which are not available when simply backpacking.

From your transparent glamping bubble or private mountain lodge you will see rugged slopes transform into wondrous vantage points, from which to gaze upon sprawling vistas of fjords cutting through valleys and forests rolling over hillsides.

The refreshing mountain air carries hints of wildflowers as the soundtrack transitions from birdsong melodies to gentle silence, with just the occasional rumble of glaciers cracking in the distance. During the darker months, the colourful light shows of the Aurora Borealis frequently flicker overhead.

You can dream all you want, the reality is better. Norway is The Real Thing in ways Coca-Cola can never emulate.

Top Mountain Regions for Glamping

Each of Norway’s mountainous zones has unique aesthetics, biodiversity and landscapes which are sure to spark adventure even amongst novice explorers.

Here are some of the top ones to consider:

Jotunheimen Mountains – The Jotunheimen range contains Norway’s 29 highest peaks, punctuated by glacially-carved lakes which reflect the soaring mountain faces surrounding their shimmering waters. Glamping offers both day hikes on Norway’s popular Besseggen ridge, which links two crystal blue lakes divided by the massive Mount Besseggen, and a comfortable rest at the end of it.

Rondane and Dovrefjell Mountains – These central mountain areas provide more isolation than the better linked Jotunheimens but similarly awe-inspiring vistas, which are accessible straight from the doorsteps of their remote lodges and lavvu tent sites. Herds of wild reindeer frequent these high plateau meadows, which will be covered in wildflowers come summer.

Lyngen Alps – For those seeking an extreme vertical escarpment taking them direct from fjord to mountaintop, the Lyngen Alps deliver knife-like ridges descending dramatically to the Arctic Sea. Choose from secluded forest huts to the architectural masterpieces of modern cube structures with enormous scenic window panels.

Lofoten Islands – Technically an archipelago, this craggy island chain floats off Norway’s northern coast, and is cloaked in quaint fishing villages clinging to the cliffs which tower over the Norwegian Sea. Beyond the trails on the main islands, modified boats and buoys allow glampers opportunities to be rocked gently to sleep on the open Arctic waters.

Accommodation Types


No matter what your ideal mountain accommodation is – rustic mirrored glass cabin, transparent dome or sleek cube – glampers will find one on Norway’s extensive ranges. More common building types include:

Lavvus – These iconic tipi structures of the indigenous Sami people are outfitted with comfy beds and wood burning stoves.

Cabins – Whether standalone alpine lodges or tiny rustic forest retreats, cabins make classic and cozy glamping shelters.

Pods/Spheres – Futuristic single standalone bedroom pods provide perfect mini-living spaces, whose sky windows offer epic views.

Tents – Offers range from safari-style outfitted tents to elegant bell tents with plush bedding and décor.

Standout Glamping Destinations

With such variety across Norway’s broad swathe of mountains, choosing the right destination involves prioritizing the locations which deliver on key elements such as:

Scenery – Some venues flaunt special sights like magnificent glacier lakes or islands hovering over the sea.

Activities – Ideal for adventurers wanting guided experiences like hiking, skiing, dogsledding and more.

Privacy – Remote sites situated far from crowds offer the ultimate in serenity.

Accessibility – Some sites balance feasibility in reaching more isolated areas with staying connected.

Amenities – Some sites provide luxury elements like hot tubs, saunas and epicurean meals.

Expectations for Mountain Glamping


Whilst providing substantially more comfort than tent camping, WonderInn mountain hideaways in particular allow guests to still feel immersed in the elements but protected from the worst extremes.

Stays often run 2-5 nights on average, providing enough time to settle in and discover the surrounding landscape at an unhurried pace. The accommodations are cleaned regularly, but longer stays may find such service limited to maintain privacy.

Rates differ based on amenities, room sizes, seasonal demand and included activities like guided tours. Prices per couple average $150-350 USD nightly.

Packing List

The weather changes rapidly in the mountains, so lightweight merino layers which wick sweat paired with waterproof jackets are ideal for staying comfortable while exploring the highlands. Other essentials include:

Hiking boots – Critical for traversing rugged alpine trails.

Hat/Gloves – Even summer nights can drop sharply in temperatures. Don’t be caught out! Bathing costume – Essential for scenic soaks in natural hot springs, which you may not have thought of before arriving, but will tempt you when you do!

Headlamp – The way to extend adventures long after sunset, if you go in winter.

Binoculars – Needed to spot elusive species like gyrfalcon or lynx.

Final Thoughts

Blending rugged landscapes with stylish comforts, Norway’s awe-inspiring mountain ranges offer memorable backdrops for glamping escapades full of fresh air, sweeping vistas and natural wonders. Wherever you go, you will find something to interest, arouse and entrance you, creating a tapestry of experience and memory unlike any other.

Try as I might in this guide, you have to see it to believe it. When the mountains call, you know what to answer!

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