Bullet Train 2 Is Happening And A Huge Star Is In Talks To Join Brad Pitt

Bullet Train 2 Is Happening And A Huge Star Is In Talks To Join Brad Pitt

It’s official – Bullet Train 2 is in the works, and fans of the original high-octane action film are buzzing with excitement. With Brad Pitt confirmed to return in the sequel, rumors are swirling that the talented Margot Robbie might be joining forces with Pitt and the already-established cast member Sandra Bullock.

Director David Leitch is set to bring his unique vision to the table once more, promising another round of intense action and suspense. As we eagerly anticipate the next move from Sony Pictures, here’s everything we know so far about Bullet Train 2.

Key Takeaways
  • Brad Pitt is confirmed to return in the Bullet Train sequel, with Sandra Bullock also reprising her role.
  • Margot Robbie is rumored to be in negotiations to join the star-studded cast.
  • Director David Leitch is set to helm Bullet Train 2, ensuring more high-octane action and suspense.
  • Sony Pictures will be behind the highly-anticipated sequel, paving the way for a possible cinematic universe.
  • The successful box office performance of the original Bullet Train paves the way for high expectations.

The Locomotive Sequel: Brad Pitt’s ‘Bullet Train 2’ Gathers Steam

Building on the momentum of its predecessor, the Bullet Train sequel is rapidly moving forward with expectations of retaining the original’s star-studded cast and potentially expanding its action-packed universe. With director David Leitch at the helm, there’s speculation about the sequel’s plot and whether it could be a prequel or a fresh storyline with new high-stakes jobs for the characters.

Given that the source material features a series of novels with interconnected assassins and their stories, the sequel has ample narrative depth and nuance to draw from, providing fertile ground for Sony to possibly develop a Bullet Train Cinematic Universe. To better understand the potential directions the sequel could take, let’s examine some key elements from the novels:

Considering David Leitch’s expertise in crafting high-octane action thrillers, audiences can expect nothing less than a jaw-dropping, adrenaline-pumping sequel. As fans eagerly await more news about the highly anticipated follow-up, speculation grows regarding what David Leitch and Sony’s cinematic universe might have in store.

“I am beyond excited to dive back into the high-stakes world of assassins and bring audiences more high-speed, high-impact action. With the amazing talent involved and endless possibilities, the sky’s the limit for the Bullet Train sequel.” – David Leitch

Ultimately, whatever direction the Bullet Train sequel takes, it’s evident that with David Leitch steering the locomotive, a star-studded cast on board, and a treasure trove of gripping storylines to draw from, this high-speed action thriller is on the fast track to box office success and audience approval.

Star-Studded Cast: Big Names Returning and a New High-Profile Addition

Source: small-screen.co.uk

As excitement builds over Bullet Train 2, fans are eager to see which stars will be gracing the screen once again, as well as any fresh faces joining the mix. With returning cast members and a potential newcomer, audiences are in for a treat with this action-packed sequel.

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock Reprise Their Roles

Brad Pitt is set to return as Ladybug, the unlucky operative at the center of the story. Alongside him, Sandra Bullock will also be reprising her role as Maria Beetle, Ladybug’s handler predominantly heard via voiceover. Their on-screen chemistry and individual star power add to the anticipation surrounding their comeback in the second installment of the Bullet Train series.

Margot Robbie in Negotiations to Join the Franchise

Well-known for her roles in blockbuster films like Suicide Squad and acclaimed for her performance in Babylon alongside Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie is currently in discussions to board Bullet Train 2. Her addition would undoubtedly bring fresh dynamics and heightened excitement to the franchise’s high-profile ensemble.

Director David Leitch to Helm the Sequel

Confirmed to direct the sequel, David Leitch – mastermind behind several successful action films – guarantees to deliver the same caliber of intense action and sharp humor that fans have come to expect from the original Bullet Train under his direction. Known for his prowess with action choreography and his distinct sequel vision, Leitch’s involvement promises an exhilarating ride for both new and returning viewers.

With this powerhouse cast and crew, Bullet Train 2 is already shaping up to be an action thriller that will undoubtedly keep audiences on the edge of their seats.

Riding the Box Office Rails: ‘Bullet Train’s’ Successful Track Record

Source: sportskeeda.com

Despite a lukewarm critical reception with a 54% Tomatometer score, the original Bullet Train experienced undeniable success at the box office. With an impressive gross of $238 million worldwide on an $85.9 million budget, it managed to make a significant impact in terms of action thriller revenue, setting a strong foundation for the eagerly awaited sequel:

These numbers validate Sony’s decision to greenlight Bullet Train 2, which is now set to ride on the rails of its predecessor’s box office success. As audiences around the world continue to show their love for high-stakes action films, the upcoming sequel is poised to meet—and potentially surpass—expectations.

“With a proven track record in the global market, Bullet Train’s box office performance has demonstrated the enduring appeal of action-packed thrillers.”

Given the original film’s high action thriller revenue, the development of Bullet Train 2 seems like a natural move for Sony Studios. Film buffs and casual viewers alike can only hope that the sequel will hit theaters with the same momentum as its predecessor, bringing even more adrenaline-filled excitement to the big screen.

Action Sequences and Dark Humor: What to Expect From the ‘Bullet Train’ Follow-Up

Source: vanityfair.com

With David Leitch once again in control of the director’s chair, audiences can anticipate a continuation of his signature blend of bone-crunching action sequences and well-timed dark humor. His acclaimed track record in action filmmaking, with hits like John Wick, Deadpool 2, and Hobbes & Shaw, suggests that Bullet Train 2 will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Reflecting on the source material, which includes Kōtarō Isaka’s Hitman series novels and related manga, Bullet Train 2 has an abundance of stories to infuse into its screenplay. With the first film centering around assassins on a high-speed chase for a suitcase full of cash, the sequel might deepen the lore with more complex heists and a rollercoaster of relentless action.With David Leitch at the helm, Sequel Expectations for Bullet Train 2 are high, promising High-octane action, Assassins, and Heists in an Action-packed Storyline.

Given the rich narrative options available, let’s explore some possible plotlines:

  1. An elaborate heist storyline with the assassins working together to steal valuable assets from a powerful organization.
  2. A spin-off revolving around a specific character, diving deep into their backstory and driving forces.
  3. A prequel, providing insights into the underworld that the skilled assassins who boarded the Bullet Train operated within.

Regardless of the chosen plot, one thing’s for sure: fans can expect an action-filled ride with David Leitch’s directorial style and Bullet Train 2’s anticipated action-packed storyline.

Bullet Train 2: A Thrilling Sequel on the Horizon

Source: pitchfork.com

As we approach the upcoming release of the highly anticipated sequel, Bullet Train 2, it’s safe to say that fans of high-speed action films have a lot to look forward to. With a star-studded cast, including Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock, along with the potential addition of Margot Robbie, the excitement surrounding this sequel is immense. Director David Leitch’s expertise in action choreography ensures that we can expect a heart-pounding experience from this upcoming action movie.

The original film’s impressive box office performance solidified its sequel’s potential, allowing for further exploration of Kōtarō Isaka’s thrilling Hitman series. The rich source material provides a foundation for an action-packed storyline full of complex heists and relentless action. Bullet Train 2 is poised to deliver an exhilarating cinematic adventure.

In conclusion, the Bullet Train 2 roundup paints a promising picture for the sequel. With an all-star cast, creative talent behind-the-scenes, and a wealth of story possibilities, this film is shaping up to be a notable entry in the action movie genre. So, buckle up, action movie enthusiasts – the Bullet Train 2 ride is set to be a thrilling journey!


The imminent arrival of Bullet Train 2, the sequel to the high-octane action film, has generated immense anticipation among fans. With Brad Pitt confirmed to reprise his role and rumors circulating about Margot Robbie potentially joining the star-studded cast alongside Sandra Bullock, expectations are soaring. Director David Leitch’s return promises another dose of intense action and suspense, fueling speculation about the sequel’s storyline, possibly expanding into a cinematic universe.

Given the narrative depth from the interconnected assassins in the source material, the sequel has substantial potential for development, suggesting an exciting future for the Bullet Train franchise. Despite the lukewarm critical reception of the original, its box office success has set a strong foundation for the sequel’s anticipated triumph, cementing the prospect of Bullet Train 2 as a thrilling addition to the action movie genre.


What is the current status of Bullet Train 2?

Sony Pictures is developing Bullet Train 2, with Brad Pitt returning alongside Sandra Bullock and rumors circulating about Margot Robbie joining the cast. David Leitch, known for his work on various action movies, is set to direct the sequel.

Is Margot Robbie confirmed to join the cast?

Margot Robbie is currently in negotiations to join Bullet Train 2, but her involvement is not yet confirmed.

What roles will Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock play in the sequel?

Brad Pitt is set to reprise his role as Ladybug, the unlucky operative, while Sandra Bullock will return as Maria Beetle, Ladybug’s handler chiefly heard through voiceovers.

How did the original Bullet Train perform at the box office?

Despite a 54% Tomatometer score, Bullet Train had a strong box office performance, grossing $238 million worldwide against an $85.9 million budget.

What can audiences expect from Bullet Train 2 in terms of action and storyline?

With David Leitch directing, viewers can look forward to intense action sequences and dark humor, similar to the original film. The sequel could delve into the rich source material of Kōtarō Isaka’s novels, potentially featuring more complex heists and non-stop action.

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