Nicholas Crown Net Worth 2024 | How Rich is TikTok Star?

Nicholas Crown Net Worth 2024 -How Rich is TikTok Star

Nicholas Crown is a successful entrepreneur and a according to Net Worth Gorilla, famous TikTok star Nicholas Crown net worth of $12 Million as of 2024. He is famous on TikTok because of his excellent content, “Rich vs. Really Rich.”

Nicholas is also a skillful guitarist with a soothing vocal voice. People love him because of his motivating and positive mindset. Crown is also a digital marketer with core expertise in Search engine optimization. Now let’s discuss Nicholas Crown’s net worth, income, career, personal life & biography, and how he earned such a hefty amount of wealth.

Nicholas Crown Net Worth & Income

Net Worth $12 Million
Annual Income $600,000
Monthly Income $50,000
Profession Entrepreneur, TikTok Star
Age 37 Years
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Libra

Early Life

Early Life - nicholas crown playing a guitar

Nicholas Crown’s age is 37. His birthday is September 30, 1985, and his birthplace is Livingston, New Jersey, US. Crown’s parents divorced when he was only 7, which shook him considerably. To get solace, he started playing the guitar. He is a skillful guitarist, and he participated in many competitions in his student life.


Nicholas Crown was a genius student since his childhood. Crown was a straight-A student throughout his career. He passed high school with flying marks and got admission to Cornell University, where he earned a BS in Applied Economics and Management degree.


nicholas crown Career

In 2005, Nicholas Crown started his career as a New York Mercantile Exchange clerk and gained skills and knowledge under Mark Fisher. Later, he shifted to London, joined as an analyst in Barclays Capital, and then moved to New York to join the emerging field of the fundamental trading desk.

In 2011, he got a job at UBS and developed a fiber optic trading business and alliance with an outdated trading platform. His work garnered attention from a lot of respected names. Nicholas Crown is famous for his “reverse engineering hiring technology.”

In 2013, he started his own company after leaving Wall Street. His company’s name is “Resume Atelier.” This company writes resumes of people in ATS format, which increases the chances of a person getting selected.

In 2015, Nicholas bid farewell to the financial sector to follow his passion for being a guitarist. He formed a band called Blues-rock group. This band won the title of the best new band in the town.

In 2021, Nicholas started his second company named “Amoeba.” This company helps people learn how to have a grip on the market. He is also the Chief Strategist of this company.

The services offered by his businesses are; Growth Marketing, Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Strategy, Resume Writing, and Resume Review.

Besides being an inspiring entrepreneur, Nicholas Crown is also a TikTok and Instagram star, and he gives people ideas on the difference between Rich vs. Really Rich.

He is also an SEO Expert and earns considerable money through his skills. In 2024, he signed a contract with FinTech and many more companies for social network promotion.

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Name Nicholas Crown
Age 37 Years
Birthdate September 30, 1985
Birthplace Livingston, NJ
Height 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Weight 74 Kg (163 lbs)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Father Larry DiNorscio
Brother Michael DiNorscio
Education Cornell University
Religion Christianity
Net Worth $12 Million
Instagram 💰 Rich vs Really Rich 💰
Youtube Nicholas Crown
LinkedIn Nicholas Crown

Nicholas Crown Family

Nicholas Crown’s father is Larry DiNorscio, while his mom is Deborah McCoy. Crown is a very private person. He doesn’t like to share his personal life on media; therefore, any information regarding the topic is unknown. The only fact known is that they divorced when Nicholas was just 7.

Nicholas Crown’s brother’s name is Michael DiNorscio. Both brothers share a good and comfortable relationship.

Crown has never introduced his family or told about them on social sites. He has kept his personal life pretty hidden from prying eyes.

Nicholas Crown Girlfriend

Does Nicholas Crown have a Girlfriend

Nicholas Crown is currently single. He is a workaholic, and right now, he wants to invest his time in making his businesses more profitable and creating a name for himself.

There were rumours of him dating some socialites and a female photographer, but he dismissed them and said he was not ready to be in a relationship. So, we can say he is focused only on his business now. But some rumours say that he is in a secret relationship and keeps her away from the limelight.

Nicholas Crown Articles

Nicholas Crown is an occasional writer too. He wrote some articles that people related to the business field greatly liked. The articles written by him are; “5 Steps to Slaying the Hiring Robots”, “The Prize Fight: Buzzword vs Keyword,” and “The Big Chat: 30 Coaches in 30 days”. These articles were appreciated by big names and received positive responses.

Facts About Nicholas Crown

  • Nicholas Crown is a guitarist. He took guitar lessons in his childhood and participated in many competitions in his student life.
  • Nicholas Crown is a vocalist too. He has a beautiful and soothing voice and shares his emotions through his voice pretty skillfully.
  • Nicholas Crown is an independent, genius business tycoon. He created his businesses without any financial support from anyone but through his hard work.

Nicholas Crown House & Cars

Nicholas Crown is living a luxurious lifestyle. He lives in his house in Chicago, Illinois, USA, which he built with his money. His home is elegant and grandeur. Crown also has an exclusive collection of cars which he flaunts pretty proudly.

Nicholas Crown Net Worth

Nicholas Crown Net Worth

Nicholas Crown’s net worth in 2024 is approximately $12 million. Crown’s primary source of income is his TikTok account. He earns a lot of money from advertisements, brand promotions, and sponsorships.

He is also earning from his concept Rich vs. Really Rich, which is very popular among youth. Crown also generates a massive amount of revenue from his businesses. His businesses are progressing, profits are increasing gradually, and his yearly earnings are around $600,000.


Who is Nicholas Crown?

Nicholas is a successful Entrepreneur and famous TikTok star who is famous because of his creative content, Rich vs. Really Rich.

How much is Nicholas Crown worth?

Nicholas Crown’s net worth in 2024 is $12 million.

How old is Nicholas Crown?

Nicholas Crown’s age is 37, as his birthdate is September 30, 1985.

How tall is Nicholas Crown?

Nicholas Crown’s height is 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m), while he weighs 74 kg (163 lbs).

Is Nicholas Crown rich?

Nicholas Crown is a self-made millionaire. He is the owner of assets worth approximately $12 million.

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