5 Celebrities with Successful OnlyFans Accounts 2024

Although you think you’ve heard about all the hobbies and ways you can earn or supplement your income, you’re forgetting one thing. OnlyFans is a platform that over the years has often brought us unique content, mostly for adults.

This platform is intended for persons over 18 years of age and only explicit content can be found on it. But you know what everyone forgets about? This platform provides an opportunity to earn and even for famous faces from Hollywood.

This platform offers the possibility to create your own profile on which you will post content that is not intended for the entire audience, but only for those who have paid and for those who want to see more.

All it takes is to find the person whose profile you want to subscribe to OnlyFans and then subscribe to see all the exclusive content. In front of you is the opportunity to find and look at something from the most famous people, but who are they?

Even the most famous people from the world of music, entertainment, and other categories are available on the OnlyFans platform.

Today we talk about this topic by bringing you the 5 most famous people who are present but also very popular on OnlyFans, so let’s see a little more about it. Let’s get started!

Blac Chyna: Breaking Records with Her Provocative Content

Blac Chyna 2024
Source: blackenterprise.com

If anyone is America’s number one content provider on OnlyFans, it’s Blac Chyna. She has a huge audience on this network that is increasing every day, and by 2024 she has achieved success translated into money in the amount of 20 million dollars, which is a huge success.

With that alone, we can say that she is one of the most popular accounts on the planet and has something to offer every day for all those who have subscribed to her account.

We believe that there is something interesting for you too that you would enjoy, so don’t miss the chance that is in front of you, which is the chance to enjoy the beautiful Blac Chyna and her spicy content that she has prepared for all of you.

Cardi B: Continuing Her Controversies on Only Fans

Cardi B 2024
Source: people.com

Although most of us know Cardi B as a controversial person who, in addition to showing it through her music, also shows it through her actions, today there is a new surprise. Cardi B is in the top 5 accounts of OnlyFans, which also has controversial and spicy content for all lovers of beautiful scenes.

All of this brings Cardi B an income of over 5 million dollars, which makes her successful in that industry as well. On her profile, you can find something new every day, and with that, you can also find unique content that is not found on other profiles – after all, it’s Cardi B.

Join the channel and enjoy, Cardi B really has something to offer, and everyone who is already a part of her OnlyFans channel can confirm that. Check it out and enjoy.

Tyga: The Most Popular Male Celebrity in 2024

Source: complex.com

In 2024, the most famous and successful male on OnlyFans is none other than the famous artist Tyga. Although we all know him from the music industry and his global popularity, you can still find this gentleman on OnlyFans.

With his profile on this network, he has enormous popularity, but also excellent earnings that exceed 8 million dollars. This is a great amount that everyone would like, but Taiga’s profile also carries content that a large part of you would like and really want to see.

All you have to do is subscribe and enjoy what Tyga has in store for all his fans on a daily basis.

Mia Khalifa: A Household Name that Has Moved to The OnlyFans Network

Mia Khalifa 2024
Source: newsweek.com

Without too much drama and without too much pressure, here it is OnlyFans – this is a statement from Mia Khalifa who is also present on this network. It is about an actress who is known for films for adults, and who now publishes her own content on the OnlyFans network.

According to her, it is much better when you have your own profile that you manage yourself and on which you post content yourself. Her content is really popular and that’s why it has brought her a great income of close to 8 million dollars, which is not bad at all.

So if you want to follow this beauty further on her profile, you can subscribe today and see what she has in store for her fans on OnlyFans.

Bella Thorne: A Positive Surprise that We Believe You Will Like

Although it is a surprise for some of the audience that this beauty is present on OnlyFans, she is still here for a certain period of time and brings beautiful novelties and contents that are a real feast for everyone’s eyes.

Bella Thorne is a top professional, at least in managing her OnlyFans profile, which shows in the results that are easily visible. Through her content on OnlyFans, she has earned over $12 million to date, which we believe will continue to grow further in 2024.

She also boasts a large following on her OnlyFans profile, and if you want to join, look for her profile and see what she has in store for her fans who are already a part of the profile.

Bella Thorne 2024
Source: hola.com


OnlyFans will continue to grow with the audience, and some of the biggest culprits will be these celebrities who will continue to post great content on this platform.

It remains for you to search for them, subscribe to one of the packages that are offered, and follow them there too, in a different edition than the one we are all used to. However, at the end of the day, OnlyFans brings great opportunities for each of us to take advantage of and enjoy.

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