Devin Haney Net Worth 2024 | Income, Career & Bio

Devin Haney Net Worth

As of 2024, Devin Haney net worth is $5 Million. Devin Miles Haney is the American most competent and professional boxer and fighter. He is just 24 years old but passionate about his career.

He holds the rank of the world’s fourth most proficient lightweight boxer by Ring Magzine. He also has a rank of WBC as of 2019.

Devin Haney’s boxing skills are undefeatable and unmatchable. His Fans are crazy for his insane boxing and fighting skills at this young age.


Name Devin Haney
Full Name Devin Miles Haney
Age 24 Years
Birthday November 17, 1998
Birthplace San Francisco, California, U.S
Height 5 feet 8 inches, 1.72m, 172cm
Weight 61 Kg (135 lbs)
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Ethnicity Mixed
Education Deserts Pines High School
Father Bill Haney
Mother April Clay
Siblings Sean Haney, Arabella Haney, Bill Haney Jr
Ex-Girlfriends India love, Kris Summers, Blac Chyna, Aileen Giselle aka Big Gigi, Lira Galore & Jania Meshell
Religion Islam
Nationality American
Profession Professional Boxer
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Net Worth $5 Million
Instagram realdevinhaney
Twitter Devin Haney

Age, Height & Weight

Devin Haney’s age is 24 years, as he was born on November 17, 1998. Devin Haney’s weight is approx 61 Kg (135 lbs). Devin Haney’s Height is 5 feet 8 inches, 1.72 m, 172 cm.

Devin Haney’s zodiac sign is Scorpio, while his ethnicity is mixed.

Early Life

Devin Haney’s birthday is November 17, 1998. He lived with his father in San Francisco. Devin Haney’s Father’s name is Bill Haney, and Devin Haney’s mother’s name is April Clay.


At the age of four, His parents divorced and split their ways. Devin experienced a great shock during this phase. But Bill Haney took care of him. Later on, at seven, Devin Haney moved to Las Vegas with his father.

The same year, Devin developed his interest in fighting and boxing. Unlike other parents, His father, Bill Haney, acknowledged his interest and encouraged Devin to fulfill his dream of being a boxer.


Devin Haney got enrolled in Deserts Pines High School. But he was not interested in his studies. Devin discovered his talent for boxing at the age of seven, And with full support from his Father, Devin worked on his talent and developed his skills in boxing. Devin Haney is one of the most competent Boxers in the U.S.


Devin Haney started his official career at the age of seventeen. He was the youngest boxer n the industry at that time. Devin Haney couldn’t play in Las Vegas due to some restrictions on age. He went to Mexico to complete his dream.

Devin Haney’s father, Bill Haney, fully encouraged him to fulfill his dream. He even helped his son with the training. Bill Haney worked hard for his son’s dream.

Devin Haney is also a fitness freak. His workouts are very rough and tough. Daily, Aerobics, Power Lifting, and Strength training are his most essential workouts.

At the Initial Stage of Devin’s career, Devin won seven national tournaments and finished an amateur career of 138-8 (Total fights 138; lost only 8)

In April 2019, Devin and British sponsor Eddie Hearns signed a co-promotional deal with Devin’s company Devin Haney Promotion. Also, Devin became the youngest and latest-born World Champion in Boxing. Devin Haney has also been trained by his mentor Floyd Mayweather. Devin Haney has an unbeatable record in his career in boxing.


Devin Haney is a very private person about his family. He’s very closed to his father. Devin Haney’s father is Bill Haney, and his mother is April Clay. Devin Haney has two brothers and one sister, Sean Haney, Bill Haney Jr and Arabella Haney.

When Devin Haney was four years old, His parents got divorced. But Devin’s father raised him and did everything for his son to fulfill his dream of being a great boxer and fighter. Bill Haney is also a trainer and motivator for his son.

Bill Haney’s Net worth

Bill Haney is the father of Devin Haney. Bill Haney is also an instructor, trainer, motivator, and coach for his son. Bill Haney did everything for his son to fulfill his dream.


Bill even still prepares a diet meal for his son by himself. Bill Haney is not a professional boxer or trainer but works hard for his son. And Bill Haney’s net worth is $2 Million as of 2024.

Devin Haney Boxing Style

Devin Haney’s Boxing style is undefeatable and unmatchable. He’s a calculated fighter but with excellent jabbing skills and counterpunching skills.

He feels most comfortable boxing outside, using his jab to move and punch and wait for the opportunity to counter-punch or fight back with a combination attack. He’s much more focused on hitting than getting hit. Devin Haney uses his left hand for defense.

Devin Haney Weight Class and Records

Devin Haney’s workout routine is steadfast and strong. Devin Haney runs 6 to 7 miles in the morning. And Aerobics, Power Lifting, and Strength training are his most essential workouts. Devin Haney has to maintain his lightweight, so he’s more focused on strength training.

Some of the fight records of Devin Haney are Devin Haney vs JoJo Diaz, Devin Haney vs Jorge Linares and Devin Haney vs Jose Iniguez, and he won all these fights. He fought 138 fights and lost only 8 fights.

Devin Haney’s Dating History

Currently, Devin Haney is single. But Devin Haney has a colossal dating history. He dated many famous models and influencers from time to time.

Devin Haney’s last girlfriend was a famous Instagram model and blogger India love. They have known each other since their teenage but came into the spotlight at the end of 2021. But broke up in the same year due to some unknown reasons.

In 2021, Devin Haney also dated Jania Meshell, but they separated their ways in May of 2021.

During the Pandemic, Devin was allegedly in a romantic relationship with Instagram model Lira Galore. They came into the limelight after their trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in 2020. But they broke up after a few months, and the reason is still unknown.

Devin Haney also had a complicated dating history with Aileen Giselle, Big Gigi. The couple was dating each other on and off in 2019 and split their ways in the same year.

Devin Haney’s ex-girlfriend Big Gigi

Devin reportedly also dated Kris Summers and Blac Chyna between 19 to 20 years of his age. Blac Chyna was 29 years old when she was allegedly in love with Devin, who was only 19 then.

Devin Haney House & Cars

Devin Haney has a beautiful mansion in Las Vegas. The Mansion is crazily huge and lavish. Devin Haney’s villa includes five elegant bedrooms, five luxurious bathrooms, a lavishly decorated kitchen, a Contemporary training room, and a charming Swimming room.

Devin Haney has Lamborghini URUS, received as a gift from his father, Range Rover, and black Mercedes. Devin Haney is very fond of cars, spending millions on buying every latest car.

Devin Haney Fights Salary

In 2019, Devin got the highest salary of $800,000 for a fight. He always gets his fight salary in six figures.

Devin Haney Net Worth


Devin Haney net worth is $5 Million as of 2024. He is the youngest and most competent and proficient boxer and fighter. For seventeen years to till date, He earns money from his passion, Boxing and Fighting.

Devin Haney also does brand endorsements, collaborations and sponsorships with different brands, as he is one of the youngest sensational boxers.


How much is Devin Haney worth?

As of 2024, Devin Haney net worth is $5 Million.

How old is Devin Haney?

Devin Haney’s age is 24 years, as he was born on November 17, 1998.

How tall is Devin Haney?

Devin Haney’s height is 5 feet and 8 inches, 1.72 m, 172 cm.

How much does Devin Haney Weigh?

Devin Haney’s weight is approximately 61 Kg (135 lbs).

Where is Devin Haney from?

Devin Haney was born in San Francisco, California. Later, he moved to Las Vegas to work on his dream of becoming a boxer and fighter.

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