IShowSpeed Net Worth 2024 | Income, Career & Bio

IShowSpeed Net Worth 2024 | Income, Career & Bio

IShowSpeed net worth is approximately $4 million as of 2024. Ishowspeed is an 18-year-old teenage YouTuber famous for his unique content. People love him because of his extraordinary expertise and skills in the video gaming arena.

The games played mainly by him are NBA2K20 and NBA2K21. He has a massive fan following on his YouTube and Twitch accounts.


Name IShowSpeed
Real Name Darren Watkins
Age 18 Years
Birthday January 21, 2005
Birthplace Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Height 5 ft 10 In (1.78m)
Weight 65 kg or 143.3 lbs
Hometown Los Angeles, California
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Ethnicity Afro-American
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Girlfriend Ermony Renee
Nationality American
Religion Christianity
Education Sophomore in High School
Profession YouTuber, Gamer, Live-Streamer
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Net Worth $4 Million
Instagram ishowspeed
Twitter Speed⭐️
Youtube IShowSpeed

Real Name

IShowSpeed's Real Name

IShowSpeed’s real name is Darren Watkins. He is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers in the USA.

Age, Height & Weight

IShowSpeed’s age is 18, and his birthday is January 21, 2005. IShowSpeed height is 5 ft 10 In or 1.78 m, while he weighs 65 kg or 143.3 lbs. Darren’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, and his ethnicity is Afro-American.

Early Life

IShowSpeed birthday is January 21, 2005, making him 18 years old at writing. His birthplace or hometown is Cincinnati, Ohio, in the US. Darren Watkin has never disclosed any information about his family to the media except his passion for YouTube, video games, and Football.

Darren created his YouTube channel in 2016, in Grade School, but didn’t post any videos until December 2017. In 2018, he tried posting videos of Fortnite but could not grab viewers’ attention. This lack of response caused him to leave YouTube temporarily and focus on Football for a few years.


IShowSpeed restarted his YouTube career in early 2020 during the pandemic on his friend’s encouragement. Before starting YouTube, he used to work in a nursing home, and his job description was to deliver food to elderly, older people, but later, he quit his job to give all of his attention and focus to his YouTube channel.

He started posting videos of NBA2K20, which viewers greatly loved, and his subscribers continued to increase with an average speed of 1000 new followers in a week.

By April 2021, he reached 100K subscribers, which caused him to be one of the fastest-growing YouTubers. His success created hype for him, and he became an uprising sensation all over the Internet.

Darren’s popularity continued to increase, and more and more people started to love his gaming techniques and videos, which caused him to earn more than 1 million subscribers by June 2021. This was Darren’s one of best achievements as he got the title of “Fastest 1 Million Subscribers ever”.

One of the main reasons for Watkin’s great popularity is that he would ask his viewers for feedback and tips and implement them in real life, which made him better every time. Fans greatly loved this quality of his.

IShowSpeed got famous for the meme videos his fans posted of him on TikTok. These videos became one of the reasons for his popularity.

In 2021, Darren Watkin was banned on YouTube because of children-restriction policies but later got unbanned by submitting a petition that said he is 16 years old and his parents are monitoring his activities.

In honour of the late Kobe Bryant, a famous professional basketball player, he took the challenge to win 81 games straight without a single loss. This attempt also played a significant role in increasing the number of his subscribers.

Because of his popularity, he was offered to live-stream his gaming videos on Twitch which he accepted, and now he also has a massive fan following on his Twitch account. He started live-streaming himself playing NBA2K20 and NBA2K21, which were greatly loved by his fans.

Through Twitch, he met a fellow streamer named Adin Ross. They started playing games together, and this collaboration increased his fan following significantly. Later, Watkin and Adin shifted to Los Angeles, California, to take his gaming career to new heights.

Darren Watkin also released his album titled “What else is IShowSpeed,” which was loved by viewers and became one of the significant reasons for his ever-increasing popularity.

IShowSpeed Education

IShowSpeed Education

IShowSpeed gained his primary education from a local school in Ohio. Currently, he is in his Sophomore year of high school but planning to quit his studies because he thinks that studies take up a lot of his time, and he wants to spend every minute developing his career on YouTube.

IShowSpeed Family

IShowSpeed mother and father’s names are unknown. Darren is very private and never shares any information about his parents. He once, during live streaming, said that getting permission from his parents to pursue his career on YouTube was very hard, but he managed.

He shared his experience that when he told his mother about him gaining 100k subscribers, her reaction was flat, and he felt discouraged but didn’t lose hope and continued his ambition to be one of the best YouTubers.

IShowSpeed has a younger brother, and their relationship is usual. They bicker a lot but also love each other.

IShowSpeed Girlfriend & Daughter

IShowSpeed Girlfriend & Daughter

IShowSpeed’s girlfriend is Ermony Renee. Some rumours say they broke up, and Darren is currently single, but Darren himself has personally confirmed nothing.

In 2021, Darren posted a video saying his fiancée cheated on him. Darren was utterly heartbroken and cried out as he loved her too much and supported her in everything.

IShowSpeed has a daughter, according to some rumours from his past relationship. Her name is mysterious, as well as the name of her mother. Any information regarding both of them is not known.

IShowSpeed House & Cars

IShowSpeed is living a luxurious lifestyle. He is living independently in his house in Los Angeles, California. Darren Watkin is a crazy car lover and often posts pictures of himself with luxury cars on his social media accounts.

IShowSpeed Net Worth

IShowSpeed Net Worth

IShowSpeed net worth in 2024 is approximately $4 million. His primary source of income is his YouTube account. Darren generates a significant amount of money through it. He also earns tremendously from his Twitch account or through advertisements and sponsorships.


What Is IShowSpeed’s Net Worth?

As of 2024, IShowSpeed net worth is $4 million.

How Much Does IShowSpeed Make?

IShowSpeed makes more than $100,000 per month.

Does IShowSpeed Go to School?

IShowSpeed goes to school and is currently in his second year of high school.

How Tall Is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed height is 5 ft 10 in or 1.78 m.

What Is IShowSpeed’s Real Name?

IShowSpeed’s real name is Darren Watkins.

Where Is IShowSpeed From?

IShowSpeed is from Cincinnati, Ohio, US.

How Old Is IShowSpeed?

IShowSpeed is 18 years old, born on January 21, 2005.

What Is IShowSpeed’s Girlfriend’s Name?

IShowSpeed’s girlfriend is Ermony Renee.

Is IShowSpeed Dead?

No, IShowSpeed is not dead. He is alive and lives in his house in Los Angeles, California.

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