Jeff Lerner Net Worth 2024 | Is He a Scammer or Legit?

Jeff Lerner Net Worth

Jeff Lerner is an American entrepreneur, motivational speaker, influencer, mentor, and author with a net worth of $5 million as of 2024. Lerner is considered one of the most successful startup founders who reached eight figures in income in a short period.

He became an overnight star for the enthusiastic youth who wanted to scale and grow themselves as an entrepreneur in the field of marketing. After establishing so many successful businesses, Lerner shifted himself to the world of teaching by founding his institute, ENTRE Institute. To date, Lerner has helped over 150,000 students achieve their financial and career goals through his institute.

Many companies that Lerner founded are internationally recognized; three were listed in the INC 5000 list. This article will thoroughly discuss Jeff Lerner’s net worth, income, career, personal life & biography, whether he is real, and how he went from a broke Jazz musician to a multi-millionaire.

Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth & Income

Net Worth $5 Million
Annual Income $600,000
Monthly Income $50,000
Profession Entrepreneur, Speaker, Mentor
Age 43 Years
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Gemini

Is Jeff Lerner a Scammer or legit?

Jeff Lerner is not a scammer; instead, he has a proven track record from being broke to becoming a successful self-made millionaire. Lerner’s Programs are based on legit methods in which he teaches his students how to become financially independent through proven techniques and business models that made him a millionaire.

However, his course price is very high, and some people may not afford it.

Early Life

Jeff Lerner’s birthdate is March 1, 1979, making him 43 in writing, while his birthplace is Houston, Texas. As far as Jeff Lerner’s parents and siblings are concerned, there is no information available related to them because he is a privacy lover and keeps his personal life away from the media.

During his early twenties, Lerner often performed as a pianist for wealthy CEOs and company leaders. After failing in so many businesses, at 29, Lerner founded the Internet to achieve his life goals. At that time, he was drowning in debt and had to pay $500,000, which he paid off 18 months after his successful venture through the Internet.


As far as Jeff Lerner’s educational journey is concerned, he is a high school dropout because he thought that formal learning in school doesn’t teach you the things you practically learned by mistakes, so he left high school at the age of 17.

Jeff Lerner has a rare genetic condition called Waardenburg syndrome which made him different from his fellow students, so he faced bullying during school. Exposure to bullying made him learn the art of being who you are and how to ignore people who always talk behind you.


Jeff Lerner piano

In his early 20s, Jeff Lerner worked as a Jazz musician who often performed as a pianist for wealthy CEOs and company leaders. But during that time, his income was meager. He always thought of doing something different to achieve his life goal of being financially independent, so he left his job as a Jazz musician and started his first venture.

Online Marketing

Jeff Lerner started his professional career at 23; he started his first online business, which was a big failure after quitting his job as a pianist. After that, he started ten more businesses at a time and failed again.

Failing in too many businesses made Lerner think differently about online marketing. At 29, he finally made his breakthrough from being a broke Jazz musician to going $50 million in sales by doing affiliate marketing for large companies. And finally, he paid off his debut of $500,000 within 18 months.

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Jeff Lerner promoted companies like Wealth Masters International (WMI), Carbon Copy Pro, etc. As a successful internet entrepreneur, Lerner was featured twice in INC 5000 list. This was a significant achievement and happened because of sharing his knowledge and experience with like-minded people.

Startups Founder

Startups Founder

During his life, Jeff Lerner has built many startups from scratch, some of which are very successful. In 2018, he founded his first learning platform, Entre Institute. Besides, he founded many other online companies; three were recognized by INC magazine and listed in INC 5000.

Additionally, Jeff Lerner was also involved in the real estate business. He founded a real estate company, 2:20 Investment Group, LLC, which owns different properties across the US, like Texas, Utah, Georgia, and Ohio.

Jeff Lerner is also the founder of companies like Xurli, a Digital Agency and software company; WHAMmobile, a mobile marketing company; and Entresoft, a full suite of business tools.

Entre Institute

After founding many successful online ventures and generating over $100 million in sales, Lerner decided to teach what he had learned over a decade with lots of mistakes and failures. He founded his first online learning platform in 2018, which is Entre Institute.

The primary purpose of the institute is to equip the students with digital skills like affiliate marketing. They have a program, Entre Blueprint, in which Lerner teaches his students how to do affiliate marketing for big companies and generate big bucks in a limited time.

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Entre Blueprint program covers the top 3 business models online, and Lerner claimed that one could achieve his/her financial goals very quickly by learning these models. Over 150,000 students have learned from him; he claims that some are now millionaires.


Besides being a successful digital entrepreneur, Jeff Lerner is also an author who has written books on how to be successful in life as an entrepreneur.

Unlock Your Potential – Jeff Lerner

Unlock Your Potential - Jeff Lerner

Unlock Your Potential: The Ultimate Guide for Creating Your Dream Life in the Modern World is a book in which Jeff tells how this world is quickly changing and how to equip yourself for the future by learning skills demanded for the future.

Millionaire Secrets – Jeff Lerner

Millionaire Secrets - Jeff Lerner

In this book, Jeff tells his readers how the world millionaires think and react to the situations they handle in their daily life routine and how they achieve success.


Besides all this, Jeff Lerner also has a YouTube channel as a side hustle on his name Jeff Lerner on which he hosts a Podcast show where he interviews high-profile personalities like athletes, entrepreneurs, celebrities, artists, etc.

The primary purpose of this Podcast is to educate people through the life-changing stories of successful people he interviews.


Name Jeff Lerner
Net Worth $5 Million
Age 43 Years
Birthday March 1, 1979
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Height 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 m)
Weight 71 Kg ( 156.5 lbs)
Ethnicity White
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Wife Jaqueline Lerner
Children 4
Sons Brax Lerner, Jace Lerner
Daughters Jada Lerner, Stella Jane Lerner
Instagram Jeff Lerner – Author | Speaker | Podcaster | Entrepreneur
Youtube Jeff Lerner

Jeff Lerner Wife

Jeff Lerner Wife

Jeff Lerner’s wife is Jaqueline Lerner, whom he married in 2012. They share a unique and robust bond and respect for each other’s opinions. The couple is blessed with four children, Brax Lerner and Jace Lerner, and two daughters: Jada Lerner and Stella Jane Lerner.

Jeff also hosted a podcast with his wife Jacqueline in which they discussed the parenting of teens.


As a millionaire digital entrepreneur, Jeff lives a luxurious lifestyle that he struggled for. Jeff Lerner owns a lavish mansion in his hometown Houston, Texas, which cost approximately $700,000 as of 2024. He is living there with his family.

In addition to this, Jeff also owns properties worth $10 million across the US, which he uses for his real estate business.

Jeff Lerner’s Net Worth

Jeff Lerner's Net Worth

As of 2024, Jeff Lerner’s net worth is $5 million. Lerner’s primary source of income is his online marketing companies which he founded from time to time. A big chunk of his income comes through his teaching platform Entre Institue; he charges a hefty amount against his courses.

Lerner also founded a real estate company through which he made a significant amount of money. Jeff Lerner’s other sources of income are his YouTube channel, brand endorsements, and sponsorships.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How much is Jeff Lerner worth?

As of 2024, Jeff Lerner’s net worth is $5 million.

How did Jeff Lerner make his money?

Jeff Lerner is a self-made millionaire who founded Internet success through affiliate and online marketing. At 29, he went $50 million in sales and paid off his debut of $500,000. He also runs his digital agency and a training institute, which played a significant role in his life of becoming a millionaire.

How old is Jeff Lerner?

Jeff Lerner’s age is 43 years, as he was born on March 1, 1979.

Where does Jeff Lerner live?

Jeff Lerner lives in Houston, Texas, USA.

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