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LazarBeam net worth in 2024 is $15 million. He is an Australian YouTuber, gamer, vlogger, and comedy content creator, famous among netizens for his crazy and fun challenges and exceptional skills as a gamer.

The game he frequently played is Fortnite, and he gained massive fan followership through it.


Celebrity Name LazarBeam
Real Name Lannan Neville Eacott
Age 29 Years
Birthday December 14, 1994
Birthplace Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia
Height 5 ft 8 In, 1.76m, 176cm
Weight 70 kg, 154lbs
Eye Color Drak Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown
Ethnicity White
Education High School Dropout
Dad Gordon Eacott
Siblings 3
Brothers Jarrad Eacott, Callan Eacott
Sister Tannar Eacott
Girlfriend IIsa Watkins
Religion Christianity
Nationality Australian
Profession YouTuber, Gamer
Zodiac sign Sagittarius
Net Worth $15 Million
Instagram lazarbeamyt
YouTube LazarBeam
Twitter LAZAR

Real Name

LazarBeam’s real name is Lannan Neville Eacott. He is a professional gamer and YouTuber. Lazar posts his gaming videos on YouTube and has a massive fan following. People love his extraordinary gaming abilities.

Age, Height & Weight

LazarBeam age is 29, as his birthday is December 14, 1994. LazarBeam’s height is 5 ft 8 In, 1.76 m or 176 cm, while his weight is 70 kg or 154 lbs.

LazarBeam’s ethnicity is white(Caucasian), while Sagittarius’s zodiac sign.

Early Life

LazarBeam’s birthdate is December 14, 1994, making him 28 at writing. His birthplace and hometown are Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia. Lannan’s family owns a construction company; therefore had a pretty easy childhood.

LazarBeam's Childhood Picture
LazarBeam, since his childhood, had been interested in social media. Therefore, he quit his studies and began working in his family’s company. He also started making slow-motion videos of things getting crushed or demolished.


LazarBeam started his career in 2014. He made a YouTube account, “CrushSlash,” and began posting videos of things destroyed by heavy equipment. In 2015, he created another channel LazarBeam and started posting gaming videos. The videos showed him playing the game with his commentary in the background.

The game played by him was Madden NFL Video Game. His gaming skills and commentary created a sensation, and with his hard work, in almost four years, he succeeded in attracting five million subscribers. It was his most outstanding achievement and motivated him to move forward without looking back.

After getting a solid fan base to provide his fans with double entertainment, he expanded the horizons of his content and started posting vlogs, comedy videos, and short videos.

He also challenged himself by playing new games. In 2018, LazerBeam started playing Fortnite: The Royale Battle.

During those days, people had Fortnite fever, one of the most played games; people liked the content, and his fan following increased tremendously.

Viewers appreciated his extraordinary gaming skills, and he became a known professional video gamer. This popularity continued to grow, and he joined Click Crew, a professional gamers group.

In 2015, he released a short film titled “Lazar Team” and introduced his new teammates. The short film received an overwhelming response as people loved it a lot.

In 2019, he hit 10M subscribers and became the second Australian personality to achieve it. His Fortnite game videos reached seven billion views, and he became one of the most viewed Fortnite players.

But soon, LazerBeam got tired of it because of no updates or more entertaining game changes, and he started playing Minecraft.

Netizens continued loving his videos and accepted content on the new game with open hands. His Minecraft videos received millions of views, and his fan base continued to grow.

LazarBeam playing Minecraft

At the end of 2019, LazarBeam’s name came on the eighth number in the most-watched content creator of the year in YouTube rewind 2019. He managed to achieve two billion views.

In January 2020, LazerBeam and his Click Crew members streamed continuously for thirty-six hours to raise money for the Australian bushfire relief effort. They raised a lot of money as their fans gave donations wholeheartedly. In the same month, he and Muselk, a fellow YouTube gamer, entered a contract with YouTube to stream their game exclusively on this platform. Earlier, they used to stream on Twitch.

This contract was a most significant achievement, and they celebrated it by hosting twelve hours of the live stream for the bush fire relief fund and accumulated over $100,000.

In June 2020, LazarBeam participated in the Fortnite season-ending live event “The Device.” He had 900,000 people watching his live stream during this event, breaking the record. In the same month, his group Click Crew decided they would not do any more group streams and focus on their content.

In 2020, he came on the ninth number in the content creator’s list and the sixth on the most viewed list. He also achieved the title of one of the top live streamers.

In March 2021, because of his undeniable colossal fan following and being one of the top Fortnite streamers, he received his Fortnite skin in the game as an icon of his popularity and hard work. In the same year, he released his short film “Free Guy,” which received millions of views and was loved by the audience.

Lazarbeam on Free Guy

LazarBeam is his primary channel, with millions of subscribers. His other channels are LazarLazar, where he posts funny content, and LazarShorts, where he posts short videos or reels.

LazarBeam Roblox id is SelloutStreamerBtww. It is more famous than Fortnite because it is not just one game but a cluster of more than fifty million games designed by its players.

It is a virtual world where players can play games developed by other players. If you would like to learn more about famous Minecraft YouTubers, be sure to check out our article about Dream.


LazarBeam gained his primary education from a local school in his hometown. Later, he attended a high school in New South Wales but soon dropped out as he had no interest in continuing his studies.

He was interested in media and wanted to be a prominent and renowned Youtuber, which he achieved currently. Eacott has a YouTube channel with more than 19M subscribers.

LazarBeam Family

LazarBeam’s dad is Gordon Eacott, while his mother’s name is unknown.

LazarBeam's Dad

Eacott’s family owns a construction company and thus is financially stable. LazarBeam has three siblings, two brothers and one sister.

LazarBeam’s brother is Jarrad Eacott, a professional basketball player who had to quit sports because of an injury. His second brother is Callan Eacott. Beam also has a younger sister Tannar Eacott, a photographer. She has a YouTube channel named “LazarBeam sister is a vlogger,” with more than one million followership.

LazarBeam dog name is Willeh. It is his other family member, whom he adopted in 2017. His dog breed is Bichon Frise.Eacott is very attached to his dog and often posts pictures of him on his social media accounts.

LazarBeam’s Girlfriend

LazarBeam’s girlfriend is IIsa Watkin. She is a popular Instagram personality and influencer with a massive fan following.

LazarBeam's girlfriend IIsa Watkin

The couple started dating at the start of 2019 and gave people couple goals. Eacott and Watkin share intimate pictures of each other on their social media handles, showing how much they are in love.

LazarBeam Gaming Setup

LazarBeam Gaming Setup

LazarBeam uses an exclusive gaming setup including a custom CPU PC; Intel Core i9-10980XE, GPU; EVGA GeForce RTX 2080, MOBO; MSI Gaming X299, RAM; 32GB G.SKILL TRIDENT Z RGB, and CASE; Leviathan Xidax.

LazarBeam’s monitor is Acer Nitro XF272 and uses the Astro A50 gaming headset.

LazarBeam House & Cars

LazarBeam is living a luxurious lifestyle. He owns a house in Sydney, where he lives with his sister. He holds a costly car collection which includes a sliver Holden Ute, a black SUV Range Rover, and many more.

LazarBeam Net Worth

LazarBeam net worth in 2024 is $15 million. Eacott’s source of income is his YouTube channel. He earns significantly through it. His other sources of earnings are YouTube ads, brand advertisements, sponsorships, donations, and fans’ gifts.


Is LazarBeam, a millionaire?

LazarBeam is a millionaire with assets of approximately $15 million.

How much does LazarBeam make in a month?

LazarBeam makes approximately $290,000 in a month.

How much does LazarBeam make in a year?

LazarBeam earns $3.45 million in a year.

How old is LazarBeam?

LazarBeam age is 29, as his birthdate is December 14, 1994.

How tall is LazarBeam?

LazarBeam’s height is 5 ft 8 In, 1.76 m or 176 cm.

Who is LazarBeam’s girlfriend?

LazarBeam’s girlfriend is IIsa Watkin, an Instagram influencer.

Where is LazarBeam from?

LazarBeam is from Central Coast, New South Wales, Australia.

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