Nick Eh 30 Net Worth 2024 | Income, Career & Bio

Nick Eh 30 Net Worth 2024 | Income, Career & Bio

As of 2024, Nick Eh 30 net worth is $4 million. Nick Eh 30 is a pro-Fortnite player from Canada. Besides it, he is a YouTuber and a gamer. He also live streams his gaming videos.

He is one of the best players with numerous wins. His aggressive and unique playing style is one of the main reasons for his uprising popularity. People also love him for his positive mindset.


Name Nick Eh 30
Real Name Nicholas Teddy Amyoony
Age 27 Years
Birthday March 14, 1995
Birthplace Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Height 5 ft 6 in
Weight 78 Kg
Religion Christianity
Nationality Canadian
Parents N/A
Siblings Brother
Education Drop out
Girlfriend N/A
Profession Gamer, live streamer, YouTuber
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Monthly Income $80,000
Net Worth $4 Million
Instagram nickeh30
YouTube Nick Eh 30

Real Name

Nick Eh 30 real name is Nicholas Teddy Amyoony. He is a Canadian and Lebanese hybrid. His mother is Lebanese, and his father is Canadian. His predecessors belong to Lebanon, but he was born in Canada.

Age, Height & Weight

Nick Eh 30 was born on March 14, 1995. He is 27 years old. His birthplace is Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. He is 5 ft 7 In tall and weighs approximately 78 kg. His zodiac sign is Pisces.


Nick Eh 30 Career

Nick Eh 30 started his career when he was in high school. He was a straight-A, an excellent student throughout his academic career. He wished to attend Dalhousie University and study medicine. To convert his dream into reality, he would study day and night. At that time, gaming was his only solace to getting a break from his hectic study schedule.

His favorite game was “The Last of Us”. His love for this game made him create a YouTube channel in which he started posting videos of his commentary and sharing his experiences about this game. People greatly loved his videos, but his hectic study schedule didn’t let him be too active.

At that time, he decided to leave his studies and pursue his career as a YouTuber. His parents didn’t support him and gave him a time duration of 1 year to achieve his goal of being a successful YouTuber. If you fail, return to your studies. He accepted it.

That year Fortnite was released, gaining massive attention from game lovers. As Nick was one of the best commentators, more people reached out to him through his channel. His subscription increased overnight.

In 2015, he participated in a shoutout competition organized by PewDie Pie, a YouTube gamer. He saw his potential and gave him shoutouts, dramatically increasing his subscribers. In 2017, when his channel was globally known, he thanked him for his effort. Later, he posted a comment saying, “I made it, Dad.”

He is also on Twitch, and he signed a deal with Twitch and will now stream on Amazon. Except for Fortnite, he also played other games like; Uncharted 4, Resident Evil 7, and The Last of Us 2.

Nick Eh 30 Family

Nick Eh 30 Family

Nick Eh 30 is a very private person. He doesn’t like to publicize his personal life. That’s why there is not much information available on his family. But his parents joined his videos. Their names are unknown.

Moreover, he also has a brother whose name is also not known. They both share a very comfortable and friendly relationship.

Nick Eh 30 Girlfriend

The Canadian pro gamer is currently single. Nick Eh 30 is not a very social person. He is socially awkward with other people outside of his family circle. This is his reason for not having a Girlfriend.

He is not interested in relationships yet and wants to focus on his game and boost his gaming career.

Nick Eh 30 Education

Nick Eh 30 Education

Nick Eh 30 is a medical school dropout. He was at Dalhousie Medical University and wished to be a doctor. He was a straight-A genius student, and gaming was just a means to get a few hours of relaxation from his hectic schedule.

But later, he fell in love with being a gamer; to achieve this, he left his studies in the middle. He also learned Taekwondo during his high school days.

Nick Eh 30 Illness

When he was in his early childhood, he had autism. He has recovered from it, but he still can be socially awkward in front of strangers.

Nick Eh 30 Cheating Incident

Nick Eh 30 was accused of cheating in a charity Fortnite competition. They landed in the wrong place to gain a favorable outcome. As a result, he won the 6th position with a whopping cash prize. Some regarded it as an intelligent tactic but some as cheating.

Nick Eh 30 House and Cars

Nick Eh 30 House and Cars

Nick Eh, 30, is living a luxurious lifestyle. He has a drool-worthy car collection. It is speculated that he owns a Ferrari in his car collection, but confirmation is needed. He also built his dream house with his money.

Nick Eh 30 Net Worth

Nick Eh 30 net worth is $4 million as of 2024. His primary source of income is his YouTube channel. He earns money through the number of subscriptions, views, and likes on his videos. He also makes it through ads and sponsors.

He also gets money through donations or gifts. During live streaming, his fans send him gifts and donations. He also earned money by participating in gaming competitions and winning them. He is also getting money by live streaming on Twitch and opening his merch store where tees and hoodies are available.

He diversifies his earnings, much like Dream, a fellow YouTuber known for his gaming content and collaborations.


FAQs about Nick Eh 30

How Old Is Nick Eh 30?

Nick Eh 30 age is 27 years, born on March 14, 1995.

How Tall Is Nick Eh 30?

Nick Eh 30 height is 5 ft 7 in, and he weighs approximately 78 kg. His zodiac sign is Pisces.

What Is Nick Eh 30 Net Worth?

As of 2024, Nick Eh 30 net worth is $4 million.

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