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TimTheTatman Net Worth

TimTheTatman net worth is $10 Million. He is an American YouTuber, streamer, and comedy content creator. Tim’s humorous personality attracted viewers, while his exceptional gaming skills were the cherry on top.

The audience loved his outstanding gaming abilities, which caused his popularity to increase gradually every day. The games played by him are “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive,” “Overwatch,” “Fortnite,” and “World of Warcraft.”


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Celebrity Name TimTheTatman
Real Name Timothy John Betar
Age 32 Years
Birthday April 8, 1990
Birthplace Syracuse, New York, United States
Height 6 ft, 1.83 m, 183 cm
Weight 98 Kg (216 lbs)
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Brown
Current Residence Florida Panhandle
Ethnicity White American
Education North Park University, Chicago, Illinois
Parents N/A
Wife Alexis
Son Brewer
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber, Gamer, Streamer
Years Active 2012-Present
Zodiac Sign Aries
Net Worth $10 Million
Instagram timthetatman
Youtube TimTheTatman

Real Name

TimTheTatman’s real name is Timothy John Betar. He is a professional gamer and YouTuber who just signed a contract with YouTube to stream his games exclusively on this platform.

Age, Height & Weight

TimTheTatman’s age is 32, as his birthday was on April 8, 1990. Tim’s height is 6 ft, 1.83 m or 183 cm, while his weight is 98 kg, 216 lbs.

TimTheTatman’s zodiac sign is Aries, while his ethnicity is white American.

Early Life

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TimTheTatman’s birthday is April 8, 1990, making him 32 at writing. Tim’s birthplace is Syracuse, New York, United States. He had a callous early life as his mother was a heavy drinker, which caused her death due to lung cancer in his early teen years. Tim’s father was rigorous and always forced him to excel in his studies.


In his dark childhood, gaming was his only solace. In his early teen years, he and his friend bought a computer, which developed his interest in gaming. He used to play video games secretly from his father. Gradually, his love of play changed into passion, and he opted for it as a career.

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TimTheTatman, after graduation, earned a job as a social worker. He opted for gaming as a hobby to relieve his stress and started playing video games along with his job. In 2012, he started streaming on Twitch. His gaming skills received much attention, and he garnered lots of followers.

On March 27, 2014, Tim realized he could make money through professional gaming and streaming. Therefore, he resigned from his job and started his career as a professional gamer, which proved beneficial in the long run.

Initially, he streamed and played World of Warcraft. It was his favorite game since his childhood. Then, after some time, Tim brought diversity to his content and began to play Counter-Strike, Overwatch, and many more. This diversity created wonders as people got amazed by his master skills in every game.


What attracted people the most was his funny commentary during streaming. People enjoyed his humorous personality, and his popularity soared to new heights.

In 2017, when Fortnite was released, people loved it very much. Soon Fortnite fever spread to the whole world. Tim took advantage of this situation and began playing Fortnite. His Fortnite streaming did wonders as he succeeded in gaining worldwide attention and became one of the top players of Fortnite.

In 2018, he won Fan’s favourite Man Streamer award because of his massive fan following and exceptional skills. It was his first award, and he celebrated this good news with his fans while streaming. In the same year, he created a record on Twitch. He broke the record for earning in donations. He collected more than $110,000  for  St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

Tim had almost 90k followers on Twitch, of which 30k were his paid subscribers. Because of his increasing popularity, he was offered by Twitch to stream on their platform, which he accepted exclusively, and he signed a contract with them in December 2019. This achievement made him a hot topic, becoming a household name.

In September 2021, YouTube approached him and offered to become their exclusive streamer, which he accepted. He ended his contract with Twitch and immediately signed a new contract with YouTube.

2021 proved extremely lucky for him; first, he signed a contract with YouTube, then in the same month, he joined Complexity, a gaming company not only as a content promoter but also as a co-owner. This achievement caused a sensation, and he again became a pivotal spotlight point.


Tim currently has 4.50 Million subscribers on YouTube and has more than 720 million views on his videos.

In his whole career, Tim has collaborated with famous gamers and streamers such as Ninja, Myth, and DrLupo.


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TimTheTatman gained his primary and high school education from a local school in his hometown. Tim was a brilliant student and got straight A’s in his entire educational period.

He gained admission to the prestigious North Park University, Chicago, Illinois, because of his good marks. Tim is a graduation degree holder.

TimTheTatman Family

TimTheTatman’s parents’ names are unknown. The only information known related to them is that his mother died when he was only 15 because of her heavy drinking habits, which led her to lung cancer. His mother’s death was a massive blow for him.

Tim’s father was rigorous. He tried to control himself and his habits, wanting Tim to focus only on his studies. So he can become a great person someday. Although his intentions were good, his approach made Tim feel like he was not loved or had no freedom.

Tim is the only child of his parents. He has no siblings.

TimTheTatman Wife & Kids

TimTheTatman’s wife is Alexis. In high school, they met each other and started dating immediately as they fell in love. After a long relationship, Tim proposed to her, and they married in August 2016. The couple is deeply in love, and they are a support system for each other.

TimTheTatman’s son is Brewer. The couple welcomed him on April 11, 2019. Brewer is three years old.

House & Cars

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TimTheTatman is living a luxurious lifestyle. He owns a lavish home in Florida Panhandle, where he lives with his wife and son.

Tim is also a huge car lover. He holds a massive car collection, including his customized Hennessy Maximus Jeep Gladiator. The jeep contains a V8 Hellcat engine, and its color is black. Its worth is approximately $ 200,000.

TimTheTatman Net Worth

TimTheTatman net worth is approximately $10 Million. According to data, he makes at least $ 7k per day, $ 200,000 per month, and $2.4 Million in a year. His primary source of income is his YouTube career.

Tim also earned tremendously through Twitch streaming and donations, but now he is earning double than before as an exclusive YouTube streamer. He also makes money by winning tournaments in various games. Tim’s other sources of income are brand advertisements, sponsorships and collaborations.


How much is TimTheTatman Worth?

TimTheTatman net worth is $10 Million.

How much does TimTheTatman make per stream?

TimTheTatman makes $1k to $1.5k per stream.

When did TimTheTatman start streaming?

TimTheTatman started streaming on Twitch in 2012 as a hobby, but later, in 2014, he took it as a professional career. In 2019, Tim signed a contract with Twitch to stream on their platform exclusively.

How old is TimTheTatman?

TimTheTatman ‘s age is 32, as his birthdate is April 8, 1990.

How tall is TimTheTatman?

TimTheTatman’s height is 6 ft, 1.83 m or 183 cm, and he weighs approximately 98 Kg or 216 lbs.

Where does TimTheTatman live?

TimTheTatman lives in Florida Panhandle with his family.

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