Chanel West Coast Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Chanel West Coast Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Chelsea Chanel Dudley, better known as Chanel West Coast, is a famous American rapper and TV host with a net worth of approximately $3 million as of 2024. Chanel is renowned because of her performances on MTV shows, including;

  • Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory
  • Ridiculousness

When she was very young, she started her career in music and acting. Besides this, she launched her clothing lines which gave her a profit of enormous amount. Furthermore, she is also involved in selling products related to cannabis.

She earned a lot of fame and recognition throughout her career and boosted her net worth. Chanel West Coast is also famous for her considerable skills in hosting. She is considered the most eminent television personality in the US. Now let’s discuss Chanel West Coast’s net worth, salary per episode, income sources, career, personal life & biography, and how she earned such jaw-dropping wealth.

Chanel West Coast Net Worth & Income

Name Chanel West Coast
Net Worth $3 Million
Annual Income $500k
Monthly Salary $40,000+
Source of Income Television Celebrity
Age 33 years
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Virgo

Chanel West Coast Wealth Growth

Net Worth in 2024 $3 Million
Net Worth in 2021 $2.8 Million
Net Worth in 2020 $2.5 Million
Net Worth in 2019 $2 Million
Net Worth in 2018 $2 Million

Early Life

Chanel West Coast's Early Life

Chanel West Coast cut her birthday cake on September 1, 1988, and was born in Los Angeles, California, United States. She was too young when her parents divorced, so she grew up in New York City and North Hollywood.

She split into two cities because her parents used to live apart, so she was raised together to meet them in two cities. Chanel West Coast’s father is Jamie Dudley, and her mother is Penny Porshe. She found interest in the field of music from a very young age because her father was also a DJ.

In her childhood, she used to take the classes of dance with her willingness and encouragement. Chanel also attended nightclubs with her father regularly. She also paid attention to rap music, and because of her deep interest, she started creating her raps when she was just 14.

As far as her educational journey is concerned, she went to High School for some years. Still, after some time, she attended Taft High School, which was in Woodland Hills, for a couple of years and completed her education through homeschooling by her mother until her graduation.

Rob Dyrdek and Chanel worked as co-hosts on the MTV series Ridiculousness. Apart from co-hosting, they both shares the relation of a cousin. Rob is Chanel’s cousin, but most people are unaware of this reality. They are also close friends, and their friendship was exposed on several reality shows.

Television Career

Chanel West Coast on Ridiculousness

At 20, she first encountered Rob Dydek and began her professional career by starting her work for him. Chanel worked for him as a receptionist, and at that time, she was also working on her reality show, Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.

That show went very hit and gained immense fame and recognition. From this platform, she also got a chance to start her work as a celebrity and actress on numerous MTV shows.

She made her debut with The Hard Times of RJ Berger. She earned a lot of money from this debut, increasing her net worth. Alongside, she performed on another show named Ridiculousness, a famous reality show, and there, the hosts used to review online videos and talked about them.

Finally, in the show’s 5th season, Chanel appeared on the show called Fantasy Factory for the very first time in her career. She further pursued her career by appearing on Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory for another time.

Besides this, Chanel did not keep herself limited to acting but also came into the voice acting industry by performing the role in the animated series Wild Grinders. In 2017, she also played a recurring role for the fourth season of the famous show Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood. From these performances, she rose to fame.

Her reality show gained a lot of admiration from the audience and aired for nearly 30 seasons. She reported that she took a salary of $142,000 for a single episode of Ridiculousness.

Music Career

After showing her immense skills in the acting industry, she decided to take a step in the field of music and began her music career right after her MTV shows. After that, in 2009, she collaborated with various other artists and recorded her debut single titled Melting Like Ice Cream. Chanel did this single with the artist named Tiffanie Anderson.

She launched her new tracks of note which include PHAMOUS, and the other one was I Love Money.

Record Labels

She signed her record label with the artist Lil Wayne in 2012, which went very famous and gave her vast limelight. The title of her record label is Young Money Entertainment. It inspired her to release her first mix tape, Now You Know, in 2013.

Furthermore, she collaborated with many famous artists in the entertainment industry like;

  • Snoop Dog
  • French Montana
  • Robin Thicke


Firstly, she launched her mixtape in the year of 2013. The title of her first mixtape is Now You Know.

Then, she spent her time on numerous tours to promote her mixtapes. After that, she introduced her audience and fans with her second mixtape entitled WAVES. It featured well-known artists, including YG and B-Real.

In 2004, after some time, Chanel West Coast announced that she would launch her upcoming studio album to release her tracks in which there is Blueberry Chills which Honey Cocaine featured. In the next few years of her career, Chanel released tracks like;

  • Miles and Miles
  • Bass in the Trunk

 These two tracks were later included in her debut studio album.


Apart from her immense skills in the music and acting industry, she gathered a lot of fame and increased her net worth through her business sites. She worked hard for the progress of her business. She launched clothing merch and cannabis-related products.

Furthermore, it was reported that she started the smoking supplies with the subscription box business with cannabis. The name of her collection is Daily High Club.


Chanel West Coast Brands

Chanel West Coast performed amazingly in the music industry but later shifted her interests to the fashion industry. She came up with a famous clothing line called Valleywood, and after some time, she launched another clothing line named LOL CARTEL. She earned great fame and recognition from her brands. These brands helped her to increase her net worth to a high level.


Name Chanel West Coast
Real Name Chelsea Chanel Dudley
Profession Rapper, Singer, Actress, Co-Host, Businesswoman
Net Worth $3 Million
Age 33 years
Hometown  Los Angeles, California
Birthday September 1, 1988
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, US
Height 5 ft 3 in (1.60 m)
Weight 55 Kg ( 121 lbs)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Religion Christian
Ethnicity Mixed ( Jewish and English descent)
Years Active 2009-Present
Marital Status Committed
Boyfriend Dom Fenison
School Taft Charter High School
Gender Female
Father DJ Jamie Dudley
Mother Penny Porshe
Sexual Orientation Straight
Instagram Chanel West Coast

Personal Life

Chanel West Coast and Dom Fenison

In 2014, Chanel West Coast started dating Liam Horne, a famous Scottish singer. Her fans used to find and spot them together at many high-profile events, including the MTV Awards event. They continued dating for many years, but unfortunately, their relationship ended, and they broke up for unknown reasons.

After that, in 2017, a rumor spread that Chanel West Coast was dating another guy. Her other boyfriend’s name was Solo Lucci, a famous rapper, but they also ended their relationship for some reason.

After leaving her ex-boyfriend, Chanel West Coast is currently in a romantic relationship with Dom Fenison, a great American young model. Dom Fension and Chanel shared some details of her pregnancy.

Chanel and her boyfriend exposed their baby’s sex which was on her way to come. Then they told their fans that they were blessed with a baby girl.

Key Facts

  • Chanel West Coast’s real name is Chelsea Chanel Dudley, but in the course of her career, she attained her stage name, CC and Chanel West Coast.
  • Music is in her blood because this talent is inherited. Her father was a DJ, and he raised her daughter himself.
  • Several brands approached her to get her sign when she released her hit singles.
  • She belongs of English descent from her mother’s side, while her father’s ethnicity is Jewish Ashkenazi.
  • Chanel was blessed with an incredible lean physique because she regularly goes to the Equinox gym.
  • When Chanel was only 11, she found her passion for music, and at that time, she got addicted to weed smoking.
  • She got a chance to work and perform at Lil Wayne’s Miami studio because they got impressed by her performance during an event.
  • Chanel West Coast’s family was also somehow indulged in the field of music.

Real Estate

Chanel West Coast Real Estate

Chanel West Coast spends luxurious life with a lavish lifestyle because of her stunning net worth, which allows her to do so. In 2019, Chanel West Coast purchased the grand building, which is located in the posh area in the Hollywood Dell neighborhood of Hollywood, Los Angeles.

This property costs approximately $1.65 million. She renovated her house in 2018, so it is now freshly renovated. This mansion’s features are;

  • 2,600 square feet which is their living space
  • Hardwood floors
  • Stucco flooring
  • Two car garage
  • Vast backyard with swimming pool surrounded by greenery.

Also, there is a massive wardrobe of Chanel in which she has a fantastic collection of pretty dresses and expensive shoes of Nike. These features are enough to make her property stand out. This great house was built in 1954, but later on, it was renovated in 2018.

She used to admire and appreciate her house very much.


Chanel West Coast lives a dream life, and in her car collection, there is a car named Buggati Chiron, which costs approximately $1.7 million. Besides this, she owns another vehicle which is a Mercedes SLK55 AMD which costs $127,000.

Chanel West Coast’s Net Worth

Chanel West Coast's Net Worth

As of 2024, Chanel West Coast’s estimated net worth is around $3 million. She began her career in 2009 and then worked to enhance her skills and establish herself as the most significant TV celebrity in the entertainment industry. She has gathered a hefty amount of money because of her immense appearance on the MTV series titled Ridiculousness.

The primary source of her income in the entertainment and music industry, but later on, she shifted her interests into the fashion industry. She came up with a famous clothing line called Valleywood, and after some time, she launched another clothing line named LOL CARTEL. Besides this, she earned money from her roles in MTV shows.

Another source is her social media accounts, on which her fans follow her blindly, and she has millions of fans on her Instagram handle. Chanel’s other sources of income are brand endorsements and sponsorships.


How Much Is Chanel West Coast Worth?

As of 2024, Chanel West Coast’s net worth is approximately $3 million.

How Much Does Chanel West Coast Make per Episode?

Chanel West Coast makes $142,000 per episode.

Why Is Chanel West Coast Famous?

Chanel West Coast is famous for its outstanding performance on MTV series and reality shows.

Where Is Chanel West Coast From?

Chanel West Coast is from Los Angeles, California.

How Old Is Chanel West Coast?

Chanel West Coast’s age is 33 years.

How Tall Is Chanel West Coast?

Chanel West Coast’s height is 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 m).

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