MBA Chai Wala (Prafull Billore) Net Worth (Updated 2024)

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth: Prafull Billore, better known as MBA Chai Wala, is a famous businessman, investor, keynote speaker, digital content maker, well-known influencer, entrepreneur, and the skillful CEO of MBA CHAIWALA PYT. LTD has a net worth of approximately 5-10 Crores in Indian rupees (USD 600k-1.2 Million) as of 2024.

Prafull Billore is one of India’s youngest millionaires, as he gained a lot of money and recognition throughout his country because of his talent and skills. He turned into an owner of over 5-10 crores from a dropped student in Bachelor of Commerce. He made himself an inspiration for the youth all over the media by becoming one of the wealthiest people in India by merely selling tea. Now let’s discuss MBA Chai Wala net worth, income, turnover, career, personal life, and biography, and how he earned such a hefty amount of wealth.

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth & Income

Name Prafull Billore
Source of Income Entrepreneur
Net Worth in INR 5-10 Crores
Net worth is USD USD 600k-1.2 Million
Turnover Three Crores
Monthly Income 25 Lacs
Nationality Indian
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Early Life

Prafull Billore’s birth date is January 14, 1996, while his birthplace is Dhar district of Indore, Madhya. He belongs to a Hindu middle-class family. Prafull Billore’s father’s name is Sohan Billore, while his mother is Mrs. Billore. He went to college for his bachelor’s degree but dropped out. After that, he persuaded his MBA in Finance alongside starting his stall of tea. He began his business by borrowing 8000 rupees from his father, and later on, with this bit of money, he earned a net worth of almost 5-10 crores by using his skills and knowledge. Now he is one of the most affluent and renowned entrepreneurs in India.

MBA Chai Wala’s full form is Mr. Billore Ahmedabad (MBA).

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Prafull is not that much a foodie and is not interested in cooking. However, he still made himself a multi-million businessman through his business of selling tea across his country, India.

He is from Dhar, which is known as the small town of Madhya Pradesh. He was doing his MBA in 2017 from the Ahmedabad University of India. He lost his interest in MBA and thought about starting his own business. He got motivated by the quotes of famed business leaders and reading books. If we go five years back, we see Prafull as a 21 years old student who dropped out of university and, after that, became a multi-millionaire who has built a 5-10 crores turnover business by opening his nearly 50 outlets.

In 2016, when he was only 21, he used to save his money and travel the places to explore things and ideas. He told his audience that meeting and talking to new people opened his mind and gave him insights. He was also pressured to continue his education and do his full-fledged study to earn for living. Because of his parent’s will, he enrolled at Ahmedabad University.

He became hopeless by realizing that not everyone is lucky to get a high-paid job. He decided to quit education and start his chai thela on the SG Highway of Ahmedabad because he was aware of this thing that the people of India are crazy for Chai. It was the only business he could start through his limited budget because opening a tea stall demands minimum investment. He started this business with Rs 8,000 in his pocket, which he borrowed from his father. He firmly believed, “Where there is a will, there is a way.” He felt no shame in opening his stall because he was desperate to start his business.

When his parents and family came to know, they became angry and used to mock him severely, but he continued and didn’t lose hope. He ignored everyone and stayed focused on growing his business. He struggled a lot and put all his effort, attention, and passion into that business.

Later, when people saw a civilized and well-educated young boy as a tea seller, they became intrigued by his cart and started making him famous through social media. People admired his efforts and passion and gave him a positive response. At the very start, he was unaware of how to make tea but eventually, he became a skillful tea maker by acquiring the skills of making tea.

He tried many things to let people know about his cart and kept his customers happy and satisfied. To make people interested in his stall, he introduced them to various new things, including cricket matches, ludo games, and a whiteboard to leave messages for their dear ones. People used to find something creative and unique when they visited his stall. After his stall, he enhanced his business and opened a franchise café in Bhopal, and right now, he is running his 50 cafes all over India.

He further realized that opening a chai stall is a business that will progress anyways. His goal was to serve a cup of tea for 40-50 rupees in a comfortable environment for his customers.

Some of his primary income sources are:

  • MBA Chai Wala Outlet
  • Franchise
  • Sponsorships
  • Brand sponsorships

Besides this, he has also started his MBA Chai Wala Academy. Furthermore, he gained a lot of followers on his social media accounts, which plays a significant role in his brand’s recognition. He also used to talk about entrepreneurship and give tips to grow start-ups.

The complete form of his business MBA Chai Wala is Mr. Billore Ahmedabad (MBA) Chai Wala, through which he represents his business and outlet’s name.


Real Name Prafull Billore
Full Form Mr. Billore Ahmedabad(MBA) Chai Wala
Profession Entrepreneur
Net Worth 5-10 Crores INR
Age 26 Years
Birthday January 14, 1996
Birthplace Dhar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Height 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 m)
Weight 63 kg (138.8 lbs)
Religion Hinduism
Ethnicity N/A
Residence Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India
Marital Status Single
Total Outlets 50+
Alma Mater Ahmedabad University
Instagram Prafull Billore

Personal Life

Prafull Billore, aka MBA Chai Wala, is not married yet, and information about his relationship or girlfriend is also not provided.

MBA Chai Wala Net Worth

Source: peopleplaces.in

As of 2024, MBA Chai Wala has accumulated a net worth of approximately 5-10 crores Indian rupees. He has several ways to earn money. He runs a rapidly growing food franchise famous for his fabulous taste in Indian drink, Chai. He is also working on social sites to motivate and inspire many students from India. Besides this, he also has his academy named as MBA Chai Wala Academy. All these income sources helped to achieve his goal of becoming one of India’s youngest millionaires.


How much is MBA Chai Wala worth?

As of 2024, MBA Chai Wala’s net worth is nearly 5-10 crores INR.

How much does MBA Chai Wala make?

MBA Chai Wala’s yearly turnover is approximately three crores.

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