Willie Revillame Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Willie Revillame Net Worth

Wilfredo Buendia Revillame, better known as Willie Revillame, is a Filipino television host, comedian, singer, songwriter, actor and businessman with a net worth of $20 million or 1.1 billion in Philippines pesos as of 2024.

Willie is listed as one of the most proficient businesspeople who grabbed a considerable amount of honor and a handsome amount of money throughout his career in the Philippines. He initiated his career in 1980 by hosting a noon-time show alongside Randy Santiago, who played a bridge role in his successful career.

Additionally, he is also famous as an actor and singer. Now let’s discuss Willie Revillame’s net worth, income, salary, career, personal life & biography, and how he earned such a hefty amount of wealth.

Willie Revillame Net Worth & Income

Name Willie Revillame
Net Worth in USD $20 Million
Net Worth is PHP 1.1 Billion Pesos
Source of Income Television Host, Businessman, Actor
Annual Salary $1 Million
Monthly Income $80,000+
Age 61 Years
Nationality Filipino
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Early Life

Willie Revillame Early Life
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Wilfredo Buendia Revillame is better known as a multi-tasking millionaire of the Philippines who earned money through his professional career as being television host, comedian, singer and brilliant entrepreneur. Willie Revillame’s birth date was on on January 27, 1961, while his birth city was Cabanatuan, a fantastic city in the Philippines.

He started his educational journey in his hometown. After finalizing his school education, he was admitted to Centro Escolar University in Manila and finally made himself graduated from there. Willie’s father’s name is Onorio Revillame, while his mother is Myrna Buendia. Both of his parents worked hard to meet the needs of their large family of five people. Willie belongs to a lower-class household who spent their life in the days of poverty.

Because of these circumstances, Willie is determined to earn fame, name and money in his country. He struggled a lot, and his hard work paid him. 


Willie Revillame career
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Television Host

While starting his career, he became popular with the name Willie Revillame. He stepped into his professional life by being a skilful Television host alongside Randy Santiago in 1980. They both nailed the show together and earned their fans and audience great admiration.

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After working as a successful host, Willie Revillame got a chance to show his talent on the silver screen of cinema, and he killed it by doing his unbeatable performances in this field. He appeared in various films with the superstars and proved his talent there.


In 1998, Willie Revillame carried himself into a thriving career of co-hosting. Subsequently, he started co-hosting the show Sang Linggo Napo Sila, which used to come on-screen daily at lunch-time. He also worked, Richard Loves Lucy, one of the best shows of that time. Besides this, he also worked in;

  • Willingly Yours
  • Tanghali Bayan
  • Wowowee

Furthermore, in 2005, he started working with his home network, GMA Network, and launched his television show, Wowowin. This show went very well and helped him to increase his net worth.

This show aired every Sunday on the SGMA. Over time, this show became the most watched weekend show in 2016.


Willie Revillame also came up in politics and was in the nominations for the Senate Elections.

Real Estate Business

Willie Revillame Luxurious house in Tagaytay
Source: kennethandmock.com

After that, Willie Revillame pursued his career and tried his luck in the real estate business. That was the huge turning point in his career when he started his own real estate company. Journalist Jessica Soho stated that he would make a fantastic resort near his house, which came true.


Full Name Wilfredo Buendia Revillame
Name Willie Revillame
Profession Entrepreneur, TV Host, Singer, Businessman
Net Worth in USD $20 Million
Net Worth in PHP 1.1 Billion Pesos
Age 61 Years
Birthday January 27, 1961
Birthplace Cabanatuan City, Philippines
Height 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m)
Weight 78 kg (172 lbs)
Religion Roman Catholic
Ethnicity Asian
Residence Nueva Ecija
Marital Status Divorced
Ex-Wife Liz Almoro, Princess Punzalan
Siblings Naomi Revillame Angelo Buendia
Instagram Willie Revillame – Wowowin

Personal Life

Willie Revillame Personal Life
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Willie Revillame first wife was Bernadette Vela Punzalan. She is also known as Princess Punzalan. She is a famous actress who started her career with her debut in the film, Lovingly Yours. After seven years of marriage, they split their ways in 1997 because of personal issues.

Furthermore, in 2005, Willie Revillame did his second marriage to Liz Almoro at Lipa, Batangas. Unfortunately, this marriage did not last up to three years. The couple got divorced in 2008. He has two children. Willie Revillame’s daughter’s name is Meryll Soriano, while his son is Jaun Emmanuel Revillame.


Randy, Willie and John were arrested in 1999 for their misconduct during the girl segment of MTB’s Calendar. They were detained for dishing vulgar and double-meaning jokes in front of contestants. Other controversy arose from his case of child abuse.

In March 2011, Willie was arrested on the charge of child abuse when he made a boy perform the famous gyrating moves live male strippers. That boy was only six years old when they were recording the episode of the show Willing Willie.

Legal Troubles with ABS-CBN

On August 9, 2010, he declared that he was ending his contract with ABS-CBN. He accused them because of a violation of several provisions. He made this decision after meeting with the president of this network, Charo-Santos-Concio.


Willie Revillame luxurious lifestyle
Source: lifestyle.inquirer.net

Willie Revillame owns a luxurious house in Quezon City in Ayala Heights. This house costs approximately 145 million pesos ( $2.5 million). This house is entirely well furnished. He purchased this grand building from his boss named ABS-CBN Gabby Lopez.


If we talk about his cars, Willie Revillame has a remarkable collection of cars of different models. He has Range Rover and Rolls Royce.

He sold Range Rover for seven million pesos and donated all amount to buy Marikina Trust in twelve million pesos.

Later, he sold Rolls Royce and gave the charity half the price.


Willie Revillame’s journey from a humble background to amassing a fortune of $20 million showcases relentless determination and multifaceted talent, primarily as a TV host, businessman, actor, and singer. Starting in 1980 alongside Randy Santiago, his career soared, embracing success in hosting, acting in films, and co-hosting several shows.

Transitioning to GMA Network with ‘Wowowin’ notably boosted his net worth, leading to unparalleled success in the television industry. Beyond entertainment, his foray into politics and real estate displayed his diverse entrepreneurial spirit. However, controversies, legal battles, and personal hardships, including divorces and legal issues, marred aspects of his otherwise illustrious career.

Despite the highs and lows, Willie Revillame’s impactful career and wealth accumulation remain a testament to unwavering dedication, versatile talents, and a remarkable journey from adversity to affluence in the entertainment and business domains in the Philippines.


What is the source of Willie Revillame’s wealth?

Willie Revillame accumulated his wealth primarily through his careers as a television host, businessman, actor, and singer, notably earning a significant income from his television hosting roles and ventures in the entertainment industry.

What are Willie Revillame’s notable contributions to the entertainment industry?

Willie Revillame made significant contributions as a television host, particularly gaining fame through hosting various shows such as ‘Wowowee’ and ‘Wowowin.’ He also ventured into acting, showcasing his talent on the silver screen in multiple films.

Has Willie Revillame been involved in any controversies?

Yes, Willie Revillame has faced controversies, notably legal issues surrounding allegations of misconduct during televised segments and a case of child abuse. Additionally, he had legal disputes with ABS-CBN, leading to the termination of his contract with the network.

What are Willie Revillame’s endeavors beyond the entertainment industry?

Willie Revillame life
Source: pep.ph

Apart from his entertainment career, Willie Revillame explored ventures in politics and the real estate business. He pursued nominations for Senate Elections and ventured into real estate, establishing his own company and developing properties, including a resort.

What is known about Willie Revillame’s personal life?

Willie Revillame has been married twice, first to Bernadette Vela Punzalan (Princess Punzalan), and later to Liz Almoro, with both marriages ending in divorce. He has two children, a daughter named Meryll Soriano and a son named Juan Emmanuel Revillame.

Is Willie Revillame involved in charitable activities?

Yes, Willie Revillame has shown philanthropic gestures, such as selling his cars and donating the proceeds to charitable causes, including the purchase of Marikina Trust and contributing half the proceeds from the sale of his Rolls Royce to charity.

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