Cong TV Net Worth (Updated 2024)

Cong TV Net Worth

Lincoln Cortez Velasquez, better known as Cong TV, is a well-known Filipino Youtuber, comedian, actor, vlogger and online streamer with a net worth of $4 million or 224 million in Philippine pesos as of 2024. He is recognized as the top-rated YouTuber in the state of the Philippines.

Cong TV is well famed because of his comedy videos on YouTube which is the main content of his channel, but Cong TV is a multi-talented person. He has also done shorts, vlogging, music, and challenges. Now let’s discuss Cong TV’s net worth, income, salary, career, personal life & biography, and how he earned such a hefty amount of wealth.

Cong TV Net Worth & Income

Name Cong TV
Net Worth in USD $4 Million
Net Worth in PHP 224 Million
Annual Income $1.2 Million
Monthly Income $100,000
Source of Income YouTube
Nationality Filipino
Zodiac Sign Scorpio

Early Life


Cong TV’s real name is Lincoln Cortez Velasquez, but he is better known as Cong TV. He came to this world on October 27, 1991. Lincoln was born in the city of Manila, which is in the Philippines. As far as his siblings are concerned, he has three siblings;

  • Marlon Velasquez
  • Junnie Boy
  • Patricia Velasquez also known as Neneng Lamig

And two of them are also vloggers like their brother. Cong exposed his birthdate in his vlog, which was titled LOLOMINATI. He initiated his career of making videos in 2008 and has gathered millions of subscribers on his channel with his sheer hard work and persistence. Cong TV’s mother and father’s names are unknown, and he did not share any educational details publically.


Cong TV Career

Cong stepped into the field of YouTube in 2018. After that, in 2016, he started enacting on the big screen. Cong then appeared on the television series the Philippines, My Super D, which aired and came on the ABS-CBN network. In that show, Cong played the role of Moby.

In December, he uploaded his first video on YouTube, a parody of a music video, Rebound. Later, in 2017, he became popular among the people of the Philippines when he appeared on the big screen.

In the initial position of his career, Cong first collaborated with his brother, Junnie Boy. Junnie is also a prominent YouTuber right now. Over time, he gradually started introducing his Team, called Payaman and his team members through YouTube videos. This Team is a bunch of talented people who are content creators in the Philippines.

If we talk about the real life of Team Payaman, they are a group of close buddies, including Cong TV. Cong’s girlfriend, Viy Cortez, and his brother, Junnie Boy, are also members of this group. These guys are not merely YouTubers but also create creative and valuable content because they get colossal recognition worldwide.

In 2018, this Team was provided with a condo unit by Tier One Entertainment. The team members have been living there for over a year.


In September 2018, Cong TV decided to form another band, and he named it Coln. He presents himself as a lead guitarist and skilful vocal artist in that band. While developing and growing that band, his Team Payaman started getting massive appreciation and colossal popularity from the local people and famous artists of the Philippines.

This admiration motivated and encouraged him to attain more success in his professional life. In the same year, his Team and band became a sensation for the audience.

Later on, in March 2020, when members and the limelight of their Team Payaman were constantly growing and enhancing, they felt the need for another house, so they moved to another place, which Tier One Entertainment also gave them.

December 3, 2020, demonstrated the best day of his career because, on that cherished day, Cong TV got a golden chance to stand in third place in the list of the top Youtubers of 2020. Subsequently, in April 2019, while recording the vlog, he revealed his full name to the audience. That vlog was entitled BAAO. In April 2019, he went through the tragedy of losing his baby a few days after learning about the pregnancy of his girlfriend and team member, Viy Cortez.


Cong TV Vlogging

Cong TV got his registered YouTube channel in February 2008. Cong TV’s content on YouTube is unpredictable, and there is no limitation on his doings, making him famous daily. He can make funny videos, music videos, random challenges or routine vlogs.

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He likes to do experiments and try new things to do. That’s why he constantly experiments with his content and video format also, which is to keep his viewers satisfied and happy.


Celebrity Name Cong TV
Real Name Lincoln Cortez Velasquez
Net Worth in USD $4 million
Profession YouTuber, Businessman, Actor, Musician, Online Streamer
Age 30 Years
Birthday October 27, 1991
Birthplace Philippines
Height 5 feet 5 inches (1.75 m)
Weight 79 Kg (174 lbs)
Religion Christianity
Ethnicity Roman Catholic, Filipino
Residence Payamansion, Philippines
Marital Status Unmarried
Girlfriend Viy Cortez
Children 1
Son  Zeus Emmanuel “Kidlat” Cortez Velasquez 
Years Active 2008-Present
Alma Mater Local School in the Philippines
Eye Color Dark Brown
Lucky Color Purple
Sexual Orientation Straight
Hometown Payamansion, Philippines
Instagram Cong TV
YouTube Cong TV

Personal Life

Cong TV Personal Life

Cong TV wife is Viy Cortez, a fellow YouTuber. They met through random discussions on YouTube and soon started dating each other. Over time, they built a strong bond with each other. On July 5, 2024, the couple welcomed their baby, Zeus Emmanuel “Kidlat” Cortez Velasquez. They also faced the tragic incident of losing their first baby during pregnancy.


Cong TV is living a luxurious life. He has built a fantastic mansion worth $800k. He is living there with his wife, Viy Cortez. Cong TV’s house became the media spotlight when the couple shared their happy movements of visiting their future home in an Instagram post.


Besides all this, Lincoln Cortez Velasquez, aka Cong TV, is also fond of expensive cars. He has a 2018 Fortuner, which costs around $30,000. In 2020, he achieved another dream of his life by purchasing his dream car Lincoln Navigator. The main reason for purchasing this beast was the car’s name matched his first name. Lincoln Navigator falls under the luxury class and costs around $80,000 as of 2024.


Every year in United States more and more new Youtubers and Vloggers come to the stage and their New Worth rises every day. Cong TV, or Lincoln Cortez Velasquez, has carved an impressive path in the entertainment realm, emerging as a multifaceted talent with an extraordinary journey. His comedic prowess on YouTube catapulted him to the forefront, but his versatility extends to acting, music, vlogging, and beyond.

The significant net worth he’s amassed reflects not just his financial success but also the dedication and hard work invested in his career. Alongside his Team Payaman and Coln band, he’s created a community that transcends content creation, fostering camaraderie and creative brilliance. Despite personal hardships, his resilience and commitment to evolving his content have solidified his position as a leading figure in the Philippine digital landscape.


How rich is Cong TV?

As of 2024, Cong TV’s net worth is $4 million or 224 million in Philippine pesos.

What is the real name of Cong TV?

Cong TV’s real name is Lincoln Velasquez.

How old is Cong TV?

Cong TV’s age is 30 years.

How tall is Cong TV?

Lincoln Cortez Velasquez, better known as Cong TV is 5 feet and 5 inches (1.75 m) tall.

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