Getting to Know Kyle Baugher: Who Is Kelly Reilly’s Husband?

Kelly Reilly's Husband - Getting to Know Kyle Baugher

For those who are fans of the hit series “Yellowstone,” the name Kelly Reilly undoubtedly rings a bell. As the fiery Beth Dutton, Reilly has captured the hearts of many viewers. But who is the man behind the accomplished actress, sharing her life and heart away from the public eye? In this article, we will introduce you to Kyle Baugher, Kelly Reilly’s husband, and explore their private life as a couple.

Unlike his romantic partner, who constantly finds herself in the spotlight, Kyle Baugher maintains a low-profile lifestyle. While much about their relationship and lives remains undisclosed, the glimpses we do see reflect a strong bond between the couple, emboldened by their preference for a subdued life away from public scrutiny. Let’s delve into their enchanting story.

Key Takeaways

  • Kyle Baugher is best known as Kelly Reilly’s husband, the actress who stars in “Yellowstone.”
  • Baugher and Reilly have been together since 2012 and are notoriously private about their personal life.
  • Both partners maintain a low-profile, content life together, focusing on their shared love and support.
  • Once a student-athlete at Princeton University, Kyle Baugher has found success in the financial world.
  • The couple rarely shares insights into their life on social media but occasionally provides glimpses into their treasured moments together.

The Private Romance of Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher

With a Kelly Reilly romance grounded in love and mutual respect, she and her husband, Kyle Baugher, have fostered a discreet bond away from the glare of the public eye. They have managed to maintain a low-profile relationship since before tying the knot in 2012. Reilly’s success spans acting engagements across UK and New York City, while Baugher resides in New York. Their life together intertwines two disparate worlds: the performing arts industry and the investment realm.

“We will always maintain our Sussex and Surrey home because that is our base, but I do not want to keep flying across the ocean. I would like to have my life primarily in one place.” – Kelly Reilly on her future plans with Baugher

This statement hints at the couple’s preference for a settled and intimate lifestyle away from the media’s scrutiny. While Reilly often travels for her acting career, her intention is to minimize the transcontinental distance from her husband and focus on building a life together.

  1. The couple purchased a home in Brooklyn, New York, soon after their marriage.
  2. Reilly and Baugher have been spotted attending various public events together, such as film premieres and award ceremonies.

Their shared love for their Sussex and Surrey home, as well as their commitment to cultivating a private existence in New York, attests to the strength and stability of their unified life. While they occasionally step into the limelight for public appearances, Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher’s bond is a testimony to the enduring love that thrives under the radar.

Kyle Baugher: From Princeton to Financier

From Princeton to Financier - Kyle Baugher

Kyle Baugher’s Academic Journey at Princeton University

Kyle Baugher’s academic background began when he attended Princeton University from 1998 to 2002. He earned a history degree, reflecting his interest in the subject and dedication to his studies.

“Princeton University was a remarkable experience for me, providing me with both a solid academic foundation and a range of opportunities to develop my skills on and off the field.”

Beyond his academic pursuits, Kyle Baugher also found a passion for sports, specifically in collegiate lacrosse.

Transitioning From Collegiate Lacrosse to Finance

A talented athlete, Baugher enjoyed a successful stint as a lacrosse player during his time at Princeton. His prowess on the field was evident as he transitioned from offense to defense throughout his university years, garnering praise from his coaches and teammates alike.

  • Competitive spirit and teamwork
  • Adaptable mindset and strategic thinking
  • Commitment to achieving excellence

These qualities would later translate seamlessly into Baugher’s finance career, as he ventured into the world of investments and professional finance management.

Understanding Kyle Baugher’s Role in Finance

While specific details regarding Baugher’s professional role in the financial industry remain scarce, it’s clear that he has crafted a successful career in the realm of investment. He has experience investing in shares and bonds, working with diverse portfolios, and exploring new investment opportunities.

Investment Type Experience Level Areas of Interest
Shares Intermediate Equity market
Bonds Intermediate Fixed income securities
Alternative Investments Beginner Real estate, private equity, and others

Currently, Kyle Baugher works for ProFound Recovery Solutions in California, contributing his expertise in finance to the company’s operations. Despite his private nature, it is evident that Baugher remains committed to professional excellence, leveraging his academic and athletic experiences to succeed as a financier and professional investor.

Public Appearances and Private Life Balance

Public Appearances and Private Life Balance - Kyle Baugher

Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher have found equilibrium between their public and private lives, with the latter prevailing. While Baugher has made occasional appearances at events like the Sundance Film Festival, the couple favors a life away from the limelight. Baugher’s absence from social media asserts their preference for privacy.

The couple’s decision to keep a private lifestyle allows them to focus on their relationship and personal interests. Kyle Baugher’s limited public life has enabled him to maintain a successful career in finance, while Kelly Reilly continues to thrive in her acting profession, knowing she has the unwavering support of her partner.

“We love our private little life. It’s something that we cherish and protect.” – Kelly Reilly

When it comes to occasional public appearances, they prefer attending events that carry personal significance or ones that celebrate their careers. Here are a few instances when the pair have made public appearances together:

  • Sundance Film Festival
  • British Independent Film Awards
  • Yellowstone Premiere Events

Despite their concerted efforts to keep their personal lives private, fans have noticed that Kelly Reilly occasionally provides glimpses of her life with Kyle Baugher on her social media platforms. This transparency allows fans to see the genuine love and admiration the couple has for one another, giving them a small glimpse into their private world.

In conclusion, Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher have mastered the balance between their public and private lives. By consciously choosing to stay away from the limelight and social media frenzy, they have cultivated a healthy and nurturing environment for their relationship to flourish, proving that it’s possible for celebrities to maintain a well-rounded and grounded life.

Inside the Relationship: Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher’s Love Story

The love story of Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher is one of enchanting moments, sweeping romance, and devotion to maintaining a private life away from public scrutiny. From their first encounter in Texas to their picturesque countryside wedding, this couple has managed to keep their love story intimate and genuine.

First Meeting and English Countryside Wedding

It all started when Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher met each other in Marfa, Texas. Two years after their first encounter, they decided to make their relationship official by exchanging vows in a beautiful countryside marriage in Somerset, England. The wedding ceremony captured the magical and rustic essence of the English countryside, an atmosphere that perfectly matched the couple’s affinity for rural settings.

Kelly Reilly Kyle Baugher wedding

Social Media Insights: Rare Glimpses Into Their Union

Due to their private nature, concrete details about Reilly and Baugher’s life together may be hard to come by. However, fans are occasionally treated to tender moments between the two shared on Kelly Reilly’s Instagram account. Carefully curated snapshots of their life together provide glimpses into their loving, peaceful existence.

Reilly often shares images of their travels, countryside strolls, and snippets of their everyday life. These private moments are a testimony to their affection, mutual respect, and the joy they find in each other’s company. Although the beloved actress may not post frequently, the little that she does share paints a picture of a blissful and enduring union.

“Every day is different, and the most extraordinary thing happens—it’s called life. I’m so grateful and lucky to be alive, to be working, to be in love, and to be surrounded by people who love me.”

As Reilly herself has said, their life together is full of love and support. Their fans can’t help but admire and draw inspiration from this private and beautiful couple, who have carved out a deeply special world of their own, away from prying eyes.

Kyle Baugher’s Unwavering Support for Kelly Reilly’s Acting Career

The success of any actor depends on a variety of factors, including luck, talent, and hard work. However, a crucial yet often understated element is the support they receive behind the scenes. In the case of Kelly Reilly, her career has flourished thanks to her exceptional talent and the unwavering backing from her husband, Kyle Baugher. Their shared experiences and the career encouragement Baugher provides have allowed Reilly to take on challenging roles and excel in them.

In a candid interview, Reilly opened up about the impact of her husband’s constant support on her acting journey. She emphasized the importance of Baugher’s presence in her life, stating that his encouragement played a significant role in her decision to return to the stage after an extended hiatus. This period of reacquainting herself with live performance ultimately contributed to the growth of her artistry and confidence as an actor.

“I owe a huge part of my return to theater to my husband’s support. Being married to someone who truly believes in your talent and potential can make all the difference in the world.”

Despite his own established career in finance, Baugher is dedicated to providing a stable foundation for Reilly’s acting pursuits. He understands the dedication, sacrifice, and investment required in the entertainment industry and is willing to support his wife in every possible way. This shared commitment bears fruit in Reilly’s phenomenal performances, as seen in her portrayal of Beth Dutton on “Yellowstone.”

  1. Kelly Reilly acting support: Baugher takes an active role in attending premiere events, engaging in artistic discussions, and celebrating Reilly’s successes alongside her.
  2. Kyle Baugher backing: By maintaining their private life and home as a sanctuary, Baugher enables Reilly to focus on perfecting her craft and navigating the complex world of Hollywood.
  3. Career encouragement: Baugher motivates Reilly to take risks in her acting decisions, allowing her to explore new realms of artistry and further define her place as an accomplished actress.

Kyle Baugher's Unwavering Support for Kelly Reilly's Acting Career

Year Project Role
2008 Eden Lake Jenny
2012 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Mary Watson
2018 Yellowstone Beth Dutton

In conclusion, the ongoing acting support Kelly Reilly receives from her husband, Kyle Baugher, stands as a shining testament to the power of love, dedication, and teamwork in the world of acting. Through his unwavering backing and career encouragement, Baugher has helped Reilly rise to new heights in her profession, allowing the world to witness the undeniable talent of this remarkable actress.


Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher’s life together exemplifies an enduring partnership that thrives away from the public gaze. As a private couple, their marriage is grounded in mutual support and love, reflecting their desire for privacy and contentment.

While Baugher’s background and career stand in contrast to the world of acting, his union with Reilly is a testament to a powerful and supportive bond that benefits from their collective reticence and mutual respect. Their low-profile lifestyle allows them to focus on their personal and professional goals alike.

In a world where fame and public scrutiny often challenge relationships, Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher’s enduring partnership serves as an inspiring example of how a loving bond can flourish away from the limelight, thanks to mutual understanding and commitment.


Who is Kelly Reilly’s husband, Kyle Baugher?

Kyle Baugher is best known as the husband of actress Kelly Reilly, who portrays Beth Dutton in the hit series “Yellowstone.” He has a primarily private life with Reilly, focusing on their marriage and personal matters away from the public eye.

When and where did Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher get married?

Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher got married in 2012 in the English countryside of Somerset. The couple initially connected in Marfa, Texas, and decided to tie the knot in a more rural setting that reflects their love for privacy.

What is Kyle Baugher’s educational background?

Kyle Baugher attended Princeton University from 1998 to 2002 and obtained a history degree. Apart from his academic pursuits, he also excelled as a student-athlete, particularly in collegiate lacrosse.

What is Kyle Baugher’s professional role in finance?

While specific details about Kyle Baugher’s role in finance remain mostly private, he has established a career as a professional investor. He currently works for ProFound Recovery Solutions in California, where he is involved in managing investments in shares and bonds.

How do Kelly Reilly and Kyle Baugher balance their public and private lives?

Reilly and Baugher maintain a balance between their public and private lives by keeping their personal life mostly under wraps. They occasionally make public appearances, but they primarily focus on living a more private and intimate lifestyle, away from the media’s scrutiny.

Does Kyle Baugher support Kelly Reilly’s acting career?

Yes, Kyle Baugher fully supports his wife Kelly Reilly’s acting career. Reilly has credited Baugher for his encouragement in her return to theater and his unwavering support for her professional decisions in the acting industry.

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