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Chris Heria Net worth

As of 2024, Chris Heria net worth is approximately $8.2 million.

Chris Heria is an entrepreneur who started his career as a fitness trainer and mentor for people who wanted a fit physique and healthy body. He trained people by providing his lectures on Youtube and on his website, which he specially created for fitness, exercise, and gym lessons.

He is also an entrepreneur as he owns an online merchandising where he sells his self-designed weight vests, hoodies, shorts, and joggers.


Chris Heria Biography
Name Chris Heria
Real Name Christian D. Heria
Birthday December 21, 1991
Age 31 Years
Birthplace Miami, Florida USA
Hometown Miami, Florida
Education High School Graduate
Parents N/A
Brother Stefan Heria
Wife/Girlfriend N/A
Son Zen Heria
Profession Entrepreneur, Youtuber, Fitness Trainer
Years Active 2013- Present
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Monthly Income $30,000+
Yearly Income $350,000+
Net worth $8.2 Million
Instagram Chrisheria

Early life

Chris Heria Early life

Chris Heria’s age is 31 years, and his birthplace is Miami, Florida, United States of America. He belongs to a family of American nationality and white ethnicity. Chris Heria’s family lives in the USA. He belonged to a mixed family as his mother was Chinese, and his father was Cuban. Chris Heria’s brother, Stefan Heria, is also a fitness trainer. They both work as a trainer for body fitness.

This athlete was a part of athletic competitions from a very young age. He participated in different competitions in his teenage years. He and his brother were passionate about their fitness, diet, and callisthenics field. They both practised together and played in many competitions.

Chris Heria Diet

Chris Heria Diet

There is a proper Chris heria diet plan; he keeps his body fit and healthy based on this diet. Chris also shares his everyday diet with his followers. He created a page on which he guides people on how to make their body log fit and healthy. A proper diet plan, exercise, training and gym timings, etc.

Below are the Chris heria diet plans that he follows and suggests others follow the same:

  • Breakfast: Chris skip his breakfast; he doesn’t eat breakfast but has water, collagen, gluten, and biotin in his breakfast rather than eating a breakfast full of calories. This helps him burn his calories and balance health and diet.
  • Before Training Essentials: Before starting his training, he used to eat one banana and again Lukewarm water.
  • Lunch: He takes a proper lunch with protein foods, including Chicken, Broccoli, and Quinoa.
  • Dinner: For dinner, he gives his followers a suggestion to eat Broccoli, Quinoa, Sauteed spinach, and Asparagus

The diet plan is also available on his fitness website, “Thenx”.

His Workout Routine

Many people are also concerned about his workout routine after seeing his perfect body. According to our sources, Chris Heria’s workout routine that he provides and trains his customers is:

  • Every day, Chris does cardio exercises for approximately 10 minutes.
  • He suggests doing 10 minutes on a rowing machine for gym timings.
  • For building abs, he does 100 times front squats
  • Three sets for deck squats for almost 15 reps.
  • Six sets for bench press 16 times.
  • Push-ups
  • Leg works for 30 minutes
  • Dumbells work almost in daily routine.

These are some exercises and workout routines that a king of Calisthenics workout suggests doing.

Chris Heria Body Appearance

  • Height: 5 feet 9 inches or 1.79 m
  • Weight: 70 Kg or 155 lbs
  • Chest Measurement: 37
  • Waist Measurement: 34
  • Hips Measurement: 36



In 2012, Chris’s callisthenics profession started after winning the championship for the world Athletic competition. The specification for this championship was that it helped for the first time at the international level to promote callisthenics passion, and Chris was an American representative.

He won the Fitness and Wellness Influencer Awards Monaco in 2019 which verified and qualified him as a professional calisthenic. So he availed himself of this opportunity, and after competing in many championships, he returned and opened his fitness and callisthenics gyms.

Chris has both online and physical training centres. He created an online website to teach those who cannot come to physical centres for daily routine exercise and callisthenics workouts. Chris primarily trains and motivates youth, as building abs is not easy. Most of his trainees are youngsters.

Chris Heria’s gym centres are all around the world, and he owned his name in the fitness world. There are two youtube channels of Chris named “Thenx'” and “Chris Heria” both include fitness training-based videos, but on Chris Heria, he shares his personal life and daily routine workouts, and on Thenx, he does training lessons for viewers. He is a well-known YouTuber earning his name as a “King of Calisthenics workout.”

He is also an entrepreneur, as he recently started his own online business in which he does online merchandising. He owned a website of online clothing for fitness, like joggers, hoodies, shirts, weight vests, and tracksuits, which he designed. He named his brand after his surname “Heria.”

Chris Heria’s Wife & Son

As there is not much information about his Personal life. He keeps his personal life away from his professional life. He is very private about his dating life or married life. There is not much information about Chris heria’s wife or girlfriend.

However, he has a son and often shares pictures with his son on social Media. Chris Heria’s son’s name is Zen Heria. He is just like his father, and it seems he will follow in his father’s footsteps. Chris Heria shares a healthy bond with his son. He Loves him very much. He once mentioned that his son is his motivation to achieve his life goals and that his son is his power.


In 2024, Chris Heria boasts a net worth of $8.2 million. Chris Heria managed to build his body through a healthy diet, regular sleep, and good training, eventually helping people worldwide achieve similar results by following his instructions. Of course he is not the first and the only one who make a great career in this field. There are many fitness trainers you can follow to compare different views for their niche. 


How old is Chris Heria?

 Chris Heria’s age is 31, born on December 21, 1991.

How tall is Chris Heria?

Chris Heria’s height is 5 feet 9 inches and he weighs approximately 70 Kg

What is Chris Heria net worth?

Chris Heria’s net worth is $8.2 million as of 2024.

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